Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • BACKUP: Ensure your Files are Never Lost
  • RECOVERY: Recover with Speed to the Same or Dissimilar Hardware
  • MIGRATION: Easily move Servers between Physical, Virtual and Cloud

Best Backup for Desktops and File Servers

Valuable data exist on business system computers and loss of data can be not only costly, but disastrous to your business. Our advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions provide the necessary disk-and file-based backup and disaster recovery for business system computers.

Minimize Downtime and Improve Productivity  

Snapshot of the disk are taken using patented disk-imaging technology.

Data Deduplication

With Deduplication, cut data-storage requirements up to 90% by eliminating replicas of the same file or block on either the source or target. If data already exists on the storage node, then only a link is created to associate the data with the backup client. Both file and disk backups can benefit from Deduplication, including compatibility with bare-metal recovery and recovery to dissimilar hardware with Universal Restore.

Recover Quickly  

When needed, the image containing operating system, applications and data, can be fully recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days. Individual files or folders that have been accidentally deleted or lost can also be recovered as needed.

Recover Anything

Built to support a diverse range of operating systems, platforms and applications.

Caters to End User Self-Service  

The intuitive user interface allows end users to restore files, folders and their entire systems without extensive training.

Recover or Migrate to Dissimilar Hardware  

Weather retiring an old computer or replacing a malfunctioning computer, with Universal Restore you can quickly recover or migrate entire systems, complete with all applications, data and settings, to dissimilar hardware, and be ready to continue operations in minutes.

Improve Reliability with Cloud

Store backups in cloud storage for extra layer of protection against in store fire, theft, and flood.




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