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Beyond Video Security:
Talon DVR give you the tools to manage your business without having to be there all the time. The power of the Talon DVR solution comes from the integration with your Point of Sale (POS) System.  By integrating transaction data from the POS terminal into the corresponding camera’s video stream, the video can be searched for relevant events.  This helps you zoom in on shrink events without having to watch hours of video.

The Talon DVR system is an investment in saving money by stopping the cost common types of shrinkage.  The system can help you detect and resolve problems, giving you a higher chance of recovery.  This saves you money that goes directly to the bottom line.


Employee Theft:
Many types of shrinkage are difficult to detect by nature.  Many business owners do not know that they have an ongoing problem with internal theft.  Studies have shown that employee theft is a larger source of shrinkage than any other area.  The Talon DVR system strengthens the audit trail that is put in place by your POS system, making it more difficult to by-pass.

Multi-Site Operators:
If you have multiple locations, you know the challenges associated with off-site management.  Ensure the high quality of service by using the video system to review staffing levels, verify time clock entries, and enforce service policies.  The Talon system grows with you allowing you to view and search any store location.

Invest in the Profitability of your Business with Talon DVR

Talon DVR Integrates with Your Point of Sale System

Simulated image WITHOUT
POS integration

Simulated image WITH
POS integration and text overlay

POS Data Integration

The two sample images above show a bartender preparing drinks, but only the image shown with POS integration shows what was rang up.

Brand switching and “sweethearting” can adversely effect the profitability of your business.

Talon DVR with POS Integration and Text Overlay can help stop shrinkage.  

At Home, On Vacation, Anywhere…


ipCamViewer Lite

ipCamViewer Pro

Now you can view a live video feed from your Talon DVR in even more places with native apps available in the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Market. Talon DVR users can view live video feeds, take screen captures and digitally zoom a Talon DVR camera image from an iPhone, iPad and select Android devices. Users also can view one or many cameras and can even monitor multiple locations at the same time giving them the power to take charge of their store on the go.

Web View is also available from your Internet Browser.  There’s no special software required to view and search video from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection, making the Talon web client availably anywhere.


IP Cam Viewer

Take a Free Look at the Web Browser Interface on a Live Talon DVR

The Username is: 1     The Password is: 1

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