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Heartland Restaurant for
Table Service

Your Restaurant Made Easier

Table Service POS must be powerful, intuitive, and reliable. Wait staff must be able to quickly navigate complex menus while providing top-tier service to demanding guests.


Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) Cloud-Managed POS system for Table Service operations provides powerful features and the flexibility needed for your restaurant using the best technology available today.

How does HRPOS Make

Table Service Operations Easier?

Only One Database to Maintain

From Point of Sale, to Mobile App Ordering, to Online Ordering, to Kiosk Ordering, the Heartland Restaurant Suite eliminates the complexity of maintaining Multi-Revenue centers so your menu items only need to be added into the system one time.


Add in a new Menu Item or change a Price Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device and it's instantly everywhere you need it to be. Say goodbye to refreshing data on legacy pos systems causing the system to go down while everyone waits for the terminals to re-boot.


No additional modules are needed to setup, configure, and maintain. No fileservers are required which are single point of failures other pos systems are limited to.

Cloud Management & Reporting

For Single Store and Multi-Store operators

The analytics you need to better manage your restaurant with access to your data anytime, anywhere, with our easy-to-use, cloud based, mobile responsive website. With any computer, tablet device, or smartphone, you can access deep insight into your restaurant’s financial and operational performance.

Reliable & Affordable iPad Platform

Consumer reports states Apple “has the most reliable devices”.  iPads are solidly built, perform well, offer the best combination of speed & price, run a reliable & easy to use operating system, and come with the best support of any brand.

Happy Staff with Failsafe Redundancy

Running your establishment with cloud technology is easy and less expensive while ensuring your business data is continuously synced to the cloud. You can manage your system from virtually anywhere, on any device. 


In the event the internet is down, Heartland Restaurant POS continues to operate and uses the Local Area Network (LAN) to sync tickets to all devices. It doesn't suddenly shrink down to a glorified calculater like other cloud systems, which could lower staff moral when the guest experience is negatively impacted. 


Staff can access their tickets from any pos station, can take and send orders to the kitchen, process credit cards offline, take cash payments, and print customer receipts. Once the internet is back up, all transactional data is automatically updated and synced to the cloud.

Built-In Labor Scheduling and Time Keeping

Our robust time keeping and employee management tool provides an employee time clock integration built right into the Heartland Restaurant POS System. Employees can clock in and out for shifts from within the app with a photo taken for proof of authenticity. Administrators can access employee Time & Attendance reports and manually edit shifts from the the POS or the backend management website.


Use the clock-in messages feature to communicate with staff when they are clocking in for their shift. Multiple messages can be set up at one time and staff will be required to acknowledge messages immediately after selecting clock in.  Messages can appear to all staff, to a specific group of staff by job code, or to a specific individual. 


Labor Scheduling allows to enforce employee schedules by preventing employees from clocking in on the POS before their scheduled shift.

Host Waitlist Management

Built-In, No Additional Module Integration Issues

There’s no need for those bulky, costly, limited-range buzzers. Keep track of guests from arrival through their order by managing your waitlist using our directly-integrated system. Since it's included and built-in to the core pos app, there's no issues trying to integrate additional modules on the POS devices. 


Add guests, send text messages to their mobile phones when their table is ready, drag and drop guests to their table, and add previously ordered menu items to new tickets. Managing your waitlist while your restaurant is busy has never been easier!

With Integrated Text Messaging!

Server and Bartender Ordering

The Heartland Restaurant POS (HRPOS) app supports fixed pos stations that can be hard wired or wireless to the pos network for servers and bartenders.


If your restaurant moves at a fast pace with single item orders, the HRPOS Two-Tap-Ticket functionality is right for you! Many restaurants depend on a point of sale system that’s fast and intuitive.


Simply tap the item and the checkout button in two quick movements and your order is ready to be processed.

Tableside Ordering

Built-In, No Additional Module Integration Issues

With Heartland Restaurant POS (HRPOS), your servers can input orders directly to the kitchen using an iPad or iPad Mini at the table. No need to waste time entering an order after writing it down. Display beautiful photos of your menu items to guests. Since it's included and built-in to the core pos app, there's no issues trying to integrate additional modules on the POS devices. 


Your customers will be pleased with faster service, and you will turn more tables throughout the day. Decrease your paper costs and capture electronic signatures and tip amounts by processing transactions directly at the table with sign and email receipt.

Online and Mobile App Ordering

Built-In and Included at No Additional Cost

Attract new customers and increase repeat business with Online Ordering. Our fully-integrated solution for accepting online orders sent directly to the POS gives your customers the ability to order from anywhere with a user-friendly interface styled to fit your brand. 


Since it's included and built-in to the Heartland Restaurant Platform Suite, when you're ready, it's turned on in minutes and just works.  Stop paying thousands of dollars in hefty setup and design fees and additional monthly fees incurred when adding online ordering to old legacy pos systems, and make the switch to current technology. 

Setup in Minutes, not days, weeks or Months!

Easy to Use, Intuitive POS Interface

 iBeacon enabled guest engagement

 Integrated customer loyalty app

 Keep track of guest order history

 Swipe to open a new tab

 Fast ordering with Two-Tap-Tickets

 Manage subitems, modifiers, ingredients, & context items

 Quick menu item lookup

 Unlimited menu item modification

 Enforced option choices

 Advanced check splitting

 Track covers, seats, courses, rush & hold

 Track item quantity counts and '86' Items

 Order-up text messaging alerts to guests

Tip Out feature for Tip Pools

Management has Ticket History audit for every guest check

Room Layouts

Easily organize your restaurant into rooms with our simple graphical layout tool. You can choose from a variety of tables, stationary objects, and floor tilings to give each room a unique look and to match the layout of your establishment. Tables will automatically change color based on status, such whether the ticket is paid or if there are held items on the order.

Customized room layouts help organize your restaurant experience.

Kitchen Displays

Built-In, No Additional Module Integration Issues

With the Heartland Restaurant KDS app, orders are automatically sent to stations in the kitchen, minimizing restaurant confusion. When changes occur, HR KDS immediately updates and inserts changes into the order, increasing the speed of service. Since it's included and built-in to the core app, there's no issues trying to integrate additional modules with the POS and KDS devices.


Choose from a variety of settings to fit your needs. Select 1 or 2 rows or scale to fit for viewing, change the font size, recall deleted orders, and more. When communication and speed of service are paramount, HR KDS can make your kitchen more efficient.

Increase your kitchen’s efficiency and productivity with Heartland Restaurant Kitchen Display app

Advanced Check Splitting

Heartland Restaurant POS app for restaurants offers efficient, easy-to-use check splitting functionality. Servers can split checks evenly or split by seats with a single touch.


Every split can be tendered with any combination of cash, credit cards, and gift cards.


Menu items can be moved between splits, and the split checks can easily be collapsed into one with just a few taps to the screen.


The 'Remove All' button quickly removes all separate checks and puts the ticket back to one ticket making it quick and easy for staff to start over if needed.

Delivery Dispatch

Built-In, No Additional Module Integration Issues

Heartland Restaurant POS allows you to easily manage your restaurant’s delivery operations with the Delivery Dispatch. Since it's included and built-in to the core pos app, there's no issues trying to integrate additional modules on the POS devices. 


Delivery Dispatch makes it easy to assign delivery orders to your drivers and provide them with turn-by-turn directions right from your POS terminal. If your restaurant experiences a high volume of delivery orders, then Heartland Restaurant POS Delivery Dispatch system is right for you!

Managing your delivery operations has never been easier!

Caller ID for Takeout & Delivery

Built-In, No Additional Module Integration Issues

Connect your phone system to the Heartland Restaurant POS (HRPOS) customer database to know who is calling your restaurant to place an order. When a call comes in, your POS device will automatically pull up the customer profile associated with the phone number.


Save time by quickly choosing items from the customer’s order history and using saved address information for deliveries. Since it's built-into the core pos app, there's no issues trying to integrate additional modules on the POS devices.

Track calls and discover which returning customer is calling with caller ID

3rd Party Delivery Integration

Orders from online portals have become a significant part of a restaurant's revenue, but it can be a challenge and open additional revenue streams from all of the delivery service providers. 


If you close the doors to some or all of the delivery service providers, you could be loosing repeat business with your loyal customers.


Heartland Restaurant's API can integrate to most every provider including: GrubHub, Ubereats, Doordash, bite squad, EAT24, Postmates, Caviar, 9Fold, Freshbytes, joyup, RITUAL, SLICE, Brandibble, EatStreet, MunchAdo, ChowNow, delivery.com, ORDERUP, foodora, sharebite, waiter.com, Snackpass, allset, ehungry, Ordering, HungryBuffs.com, lodel, serve.io, orders2.me, Deliver Logic, and vroomservicenow.com

Gift Cards

Accept gift cards directly through your POS System.

Heartland Restaurant POS (HRPOS) is integrated directly with the gift card program. Through our system, you can load gift cards, accept them for payments, and perform balance inquires without any separate hardware. Supports both single store and multi-store operators.

FREE online tool to allow your customers to check their card balances and activity.

EMV Chip Payment Processing

Built-In, No Additional Module Integration Issues

Heartland Restaurant POS uses payment terminals with a built-in pin pad. They offer EMV, NFC/contactless, and MSR and are PCI PTS 3.1, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, American Express ExpressPay, and Discover DPAS certified. Any HRPOS tablet, whether Ethernet or Wi-Fi connected, can initiate and perform transactions on any payment terminal.

NFC technology works with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and other mobile wallet programs.

Scan to Pay

Part of the Free Heartland Guest Mobile App

Give your table-service guests the power to take control of their restaurant checkout experience with Scan to Pay. Each guest check can include a QR code which, when scanned from inside the Heartland Guest app, allows guests to quickly and securely pay their bill.


The app allows one touch tipping and securely stores credit card tokens for future payments.

Increase Table Turns & Enhance the Guest Experience

Scan for Points

Part of the Free Heartland Guest Mobile App

Most loyalty systems require guests go out of their way to be a part of their favorite restaurants’ loyalty programs. Whether it’s giving the cashier their phone number or having their paper card punched, it can be enough of a hassle to detract customers from the experience.


Scan for Points makes earning points as easy as possible by including a QR Code on the guest check as a reminder that points are available with a simple scan.

Drive Repeat Business with Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Part of the Free Heartland Guest Mobile App

Now guests can keep track of their loyalty points all from an app! Guests earn loyalty points with every repeat visit to your restaurant, with accumulated points turning into rewards as point goals are met.


Customers rank up from Bronze to Silver to Gold the more they spend, and a higher rank means more valuable rewards!

The Guest App eliminates the need for Loyalty Cards


HRPOS has a Bi-Directional API

HRPOS supports various third party integrations should operators need additional functionality including:


 Accounting and Reporting

Delivery Services Platform Integration

Hotel PMS Interface

 Labor Scheduling


 Branded Loyalty Apps

 Email Marketing

 Digital Menu Boards

Draft Beer Flow Metering System

 Call Button System for Dine-in Theaters


HRPOS has a Bi-Directional Application Programming Interface (API), designed to provide third party integrators direct access to the data to enhance business operations.

Why Heartland Restaurant

Heartland POS is an industry leading provider of POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  Heartland Restaurant is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

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