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Tableside Ordering

Mobile Ordering & Payments Made Easy

Heartland Restaurant POS

Makes Tableside Ordering Easier

Serve More Guests and Increase Check Averages

Turn More Tables while Reducing Wait Times

Only One Database to Maintain

From Point of Sale, to Mobile App Ordering, to Online Ordering, to Kiosk Ordering, the Heartland Restaurant Suite eliminates the complexity of maintaining Multi-Revenue centers so your menu items only need to be added into the system one time.


Add in a new Menu Item or change a Price Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device and it's instantly everywhere you need it to be. Say goodbye to refreshing data on legacy pos systems causing the system to go down while everyone waits for the terminals to re-boot.


No additional modules are needed to setup, configure, and maintain. No fileservers are required which are single point of failures other pos systems are limited to.

Built-In to the POS app

The exact same app is used for Tableside ordering as is for fixed pos stations for servers, bartenders and cashiers.


Feature-rich app enables efficient split checks, modifiers, and seat numbers.


Enables easy sharing of devices among the staff.

Speed of Service

Putting mobile devices in staff’s hands increases productivity, resulting in more table turns.


Drink orders can be ordered and sent to the bar without having to leave the table and then while ordering appetizers, runners can deliver drinks to the table enhancing the guest experience.


Orders are sent directly from the table to the kitchen and the bar, expediting the time for food and drinks to arrive.


Payments are taken directly at the table, reducing the time guests wait for checks to be settled.

Line Busting

With Heartland Restaurant POS (HRPOS), your staff can input orders from customers waiting in line, accept payment if required, and send orders directly to the kitchen, using iPad Hand Helds. 


Your customers will be pleased with faster service and since it's running the exact same pos app as the servers, bartenders, and cashiers use, your staff won't require additional training.


Decrease paper costs by processing transactions directly on the iPad with signature capture, suggested tip amounts if needed, and email receipt.

Menu Item Presentation

The Heartland Restaurant POS app (HRPOS) is a great tool for servers to help answer your customer's questions about menu items.


The app shows beautiful photos of your menu items along with item descriptions that you can easily customize.

Guest Experience

Mobile devices give servers freedom to increase their service and spend more time with customers.

With greater server and guest interaction a relationship is established, driving loyalty.

Customers value the speed at which the order is taken, food is received, and payment is settled.

EMV Chip & Mobile Wallet Payments

With Heartland Restaurant POS, staff at the table can input orders directly to the kitchen using iPads. No need to waste time entering an order after writing it down. 


Your customers will be pleased with faster service, and you will turn more tables throughout the day. Decrease your paper costs and capture electronic signatures and tip amounts by processing NFC Mobile Wallet and EMV Chip Card transactions directly at the table (coming soon) with sign and email receipt.

Tableside EMV / NFC Device Coming Soon

Signature Capture

Heartland Restaurant Tableside Ordering further enhances the guest experience during the payment process.


The app can present suggested tip amounts fro your guests to select.


The app allows guests to quickly sign on the iPad and receipts can be emailed to the guest as needed.

Sign and email Receipt

With Heartland Restaurant POS (HRPOS), servers and cashiers can process paperless credit card transactions and capture customer signatures directly on your iPads. Suggested tip amounts are selectable and receipts are emailed directly to customers eliminating the need for paper. Guests can even rate their experience from the signature capture screen with our simple feedback slider.  


Decreases the average table turn time for servers. Speeds up the line for cashiers and significantly increases the amount of cashier tips. Saves hours of labor costs per week by eliminating cashiers to perform tip adjustments at the end of their shifts.

Save time with Suggested Tips, Signature Capture, Sign & Email Receipt

Why Heartland Restaurant

Heartland POS is an industry leading provider of POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  Heartland Restaurant is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite

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