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It's About the
Right Technology

For Your Restaurant

Looking to Update your Point of Sale Technology?

Find out Why Heartland Restaurant Cloud-Managed POS System (HRPOS) Checks the Important Boxes


Heartland Restaurant is not a Cloud Managed System that's locked to a credit card processor

 Out of Scope

Using Tokenization Heartland Restaurant does not process, transmit, or store card holder data

 Cloud Managed

Using a browser web portal, Heartland Restaurant does not require a store fileserver


Heartland Restaurant is a subscription based model where everything is included

 Reliable Devices

Instead of relying on Android or Microsoft devices, Heartland Restaurant runs on reliable Apple iPads

 Feature Rich

Heartland Restaurant has powerful, innovative tools to help you grow your business

It's not just Point of Sale

Heartland Restaurant is an All-In-One Plaftorm

One Suite to Streamline your Operations

Cloud Platform

No Fileserver. Web Portal to manage your stores with realtime reporting anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Payment Gateway

Tokens sent to the Payment Gateway process transations while your batch remains secure for auto settlement.

Online Ordering

Beautiful website for your Online Ordering. No Extra work to setup. No commissions or extra fees. Orders go right to the kitchen.


Powerful and feature rich Point Of Sale app with a friendly intuitive interface for servers, cashiers, bartenders, line busters, and your host staff.

Customer Display App

Customer Display app with real time order confirmation, suggested tips, signature capture, & selections to email receipt, print receipt or no receipt.

Kitchen Display App

Kitchen Display System receives orders right from the POS app, Kiosk app, Guest app, Online Ordering website, & 3rd Party Delivery Service Providers.

Guest App

Mobile app for Loyalty Rewards, Take Out, Delivery, Catering, Skip the Line, & virtual Gift orders, including Order History, Scan to Pay, and Scan for Points.

Bi-Directional API

HRPOS has an Application Programming Interface (API), designed to provide third party integrators direct access to the data to enhance business operations.

Help Desk Support

What happens when something happens?  Our help desk team of teained technicians are here to assist you with technical support.

It's About

Being Affordable

(Don't Buy or Rent Legacy POS)

Heartland Restaurant is an Affordable Monthly Subscription

Many businesses have adopted a subscription model. In the software industry, this is referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). When using old Legacy POS systems you often get Nickel & Dimed for the tools you need, but Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) is an all in one platform suite designed to include what's needed.

SaaS Offers Many Benefits:

 Lower Up Front Cost

With the Heartland Restaurant subscription, there is no expensive software to purchase.

 Predictable Operating Expense

The Heartland Restaurant subscription sets a known budget without being nickel and dimed for the features you really need.

 Scale as you Grow

The Heartland Restaurant subscription is scalable and seasonal allowing you to change the number of devices needed for special events so that you are not stuck with software license expenses you don't need.

 Software Upgrades

Your Heartland Restaurant subscription includes the software apps you need and all of the software upgrades and enhancements are included at no additional costs.

It's About

Not Being Locked

(Don't Choke on Toast)

Finally, a Cloud-Managed POS System Not Locked to a Credit Card Processor

Merchants with Locked POS Systems eventially Pay Higher Credit Card Rates over time. Heartland Restaurant is Unlocked and gives you the freedom to choose your credit card processor and change credit card processors.



You Can Never Change Processors



You Can Change Processors

TIP: Don't Make the Mistake of Getting Stuck with a Locked System Eating Up Your Profits

(Remember: Don't Choke on Toast)

It's About

Out of Scope

(Don't Transmit Card Holder Data)

With Heartland Restaurant Say Goodbye to the Risks and Liability of a Data Breach

Most POS Systems have Card-Holder Data "In Scope" Putting Your Business at Risks from Memory Scrapers. Using Tokenization Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) does not Process, Transmit, or Store Card-Holder Data.

 In Scope

Memory Scraper Risks with Card-Holder Data

 Out of Scope

No Card-Holder Data with Tokenization

TIP: Never Buy POS Systems that Process, Transmit, or Stores Card Holder Data

It's About

The Right Platform

(Don't Buy Microsoft or Android Based POS)

Heartland Restaurant is Perfect for High Volume, Single & Multi-Store Operators

Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) is designed to support high volume operators. Two critical factors are choosing the right store device platform and a secure scalable cloud infrastructure.


High Costs?

Due to the never-ending cycle of Microsoft end of life support for their Windows operating systems, requiring the necessity to purchase new pos hardware running the latest Windows operating systems, the high costs involved can be cost prohibitive for many merchants on a budget.



Due to lock up & lag issues, Android tablets are not designed for POS systems.  Android systems suffer performance degradation. The higher the number of transactions, the system bogs down and crashes.  High-volume merchant should run from Android based pos systems.


Performs Best

Apple's brand shines by providing high quality products including free operating system upgrades. iPads are made better than Android tablets and are less costly than pos terminals running Microsoft Windows.  Heartland Restaurant is designed to support high volume without degradation.

Web Services

The Heartland Restaurant Cloud Portal is built on the Amazon Web Services foundation. AWS offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower costs, and scale applications, giving the system flexibility needed to adapt.

What Happens when the Internet Goes Down?

Unlike other clound managed pos systems, Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) has built in Failsafe Reduandacy and does not rely on the internet or a fileserver to continue to work.

It's About

(Don't Buy Microsoft or Android Based POS)

Reliable Devices & Operating Systems are a Must

Having high quality equipment is critical for optimal system performance and uptime. Choosing the right device platform for your staff is vital and there are three players to choose from.


Consumer Reports withdrew its recommendation on Windows Tablets after surveys revealed 25 percent experienced “problems by the second year of ownership”.  These problems included freezing, shut downs, and touchscreen failures.


Manufacturers see Android tablets as a disposable product with little value in supporting them.  Android tablets suffer from lockups and degradation. And as the number of transactions increase they become slower and slower and repeatedly crash.


Consumer reports states Apple “has the most reliable devices”.  iPads are solidly built, perform well, offer the best combination of speed & price, run a reliable & easy to use operating system, and come with the best support of any brand.

Heartland Restaurant is Designed to run on the Best Devices: Apple iPads

With Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS), iPads are used as Fixed POS Stations for Servers, Cashiers and Bartenders, as Customer Displays for Order Confirmation, as Hand-Helds for Line Busting & Tableside Ordering, and as Kitchen Display Stations.











iPads are connected to the POS Network by Hard-Wired Cabling or Wireless Access Points.

It's About

Time For a Change

Legacy POS Systems are a Dying Breed

Cloud Managed iPad Systems are Revolutionizing

the Hospitality Industry

Operators with Cash Registers, Locked POS Systems, Traditional POS Systems and other Tablet Based Systems are Making the Switch to Heartland Restaurant

Using the latest technology for their concepts, Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) is helping operators manage new revenue streams for their business, engage their customers to drive more sales, operate more efficiently, and better manage and control costs.

St. Mary's Seafood makes the switch from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant

(formerly MobileBytes)

  Just wanted to say thank you to the team at JCR for making a seamless transition for all four of my St Marys Seafood & More restaurants from Aloha to MobileBytes. Special thank you to Tim, Ryan, Ryan and Devin, you guys did an amazing job. MobileBytes has allowed me to take my restaurants to another level! it gave me the opportunity to offer loyalty points to my customers along with online ordering. My favorite feature is that MobileBytes makes it possible for me access the system from anywhere in the world! I no longer have to be in front of the Aloha file server to access it! My only regret is that I didn’t switch to MobileBytes sooner.   

– Nammour Nammour, Owner - St. Mary's Seafood & More - Florida and Georgia

Manage Multi-Revenue Streams with Ease

The Heartland Restaurant Platform Eliminates Omni-Channel Complexity

Point of Sale

Your Servers, Bartenders, Cashiers and Managers use reliable iPads as Fixed POS Stations or Wireless for Tableside Ordering.

Guest App

Enhance Guest Engagement with Order Ahead, Skip the Line, Scan to Pay, Scan for Points, and Loyalty.

Online Ordering

Attract new customers and increase Take-Out Revenue with Heartland's Online and Guest App Ordering.

Kiosk Ordering

Easily lower your labor costs while driving more sales with Consumer Self Order Kiosk stations.

Add a new Item or change a Price Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device and it's instantly everywhere you need it to be.

New Technology Designed for Your Concept

Heartland Restaurant (HRPOS) is Perfect for Table Service, Quick Service, Fast Casual, Bar/Nightclub, Pizzerias & Delivery Environments, Food Trucks and Coffee Shops for Single and Multi-Unit Operators.

Table Service

Quick Service

Fast Casual

Bars, Pubs and

Night Clubs

and Delivery



Juice & Coffee


Seafood Kitchen Switches from Cash Register to Heartland Restaurant

(formerly MobileBytes)

  We were always skeptical of spending the money to upgrade our pos system until the one of the hurricanes knocked ours out. I had a few meetings with Ryan at JCR and decided to make the upgrade to the new MobileBytes system. It's been a week and I'm never looking back, we should have done this forever ago. I have so much more room to grow and increase revenue with the new system. They were present all day, the day we went live and have been there every step of the way! Thank you Guys!   

– Nathan Stuart, Owner of Seafood Kitchen - Atlantic Beach Florida

Heartland Restaurant Helps Your Business

Engage Customers to Drive Sales




Menu Boards

Gift Cards

 Virtual Gift




Self Ordering



Skip the Line 




Lemon Bar Switches from Traditional POS to Heartland Restaurant

(formerly MobileBytes)

  We recently decided to look into a new point of sale system to replace our aging traditional POS at Lemon Bar.  A friend of ours recommended Ryan from JCR, and he introduced us to MobileBytes. At first, we were skeptical that a cloud-based iPad system could handle our heavy sales volume. After a couple meetings and demonstrations with Ryan, we decided to switch to MobileBytes.  


MobileBytes handles everything we throw at it, and handles it smoothly. We really like the flexibility offered by the handheld iPads and the ability to run reports right from our smartphones. With MobileBytes we have been able to offer our guests much quicker service. It’s been a great experience!   

– Kelsey Mackenzie, Owner of Lemon Bar - Atlantic Beach Florida

Heartland Restaurant Helps Your Business

Operate More Efficiently




Caller ID












Label &









South Kitchen + Spirits Switches from Lavu to Heartland Restaurant

(formerly MobileBytes)

  We originally used Lavu point of sale at South Kitchen and Spirits, but it wasn't giving us everything we wanted in terms of reliability, speed, and reporting.  Ryan from JCR introduced me to MobileBytes, and we decided to switch. It's worked out even better than I anticipated - back office programming is much cleaner & more intuitive, you have the ability to reconfigure kitchen displays on the fly during service, item stock and 86's can be done from within the app vs having to use a browser interface, etc.  When we opened our second location, I also chose MobileBytes. It scales up to multiple locations absolutely seamlessly.   

– Brian Siebenschuh, Director of Operations, South Kitchen & Spirits - Jacksonville Florida

Heartland Restaurant Helps your Business

Manage and Control Costs



Inventory &






Real Time




Time Clock




Dominic's Deli & Eatery makes the switch from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant

(formerly MobileBytes)

  With our second Dominic’s Deli location on the way, we started looking into new point of sales systems. We scheduled a MobileBytes demo with Ryan from JCR.  He worked very hard to ensure that all the back end information from our menu was input and that it functioned the way we wanted and that it would make the job of our employees much easier compared to the current system we were using. 


MobileBytes is working great for us! We were nervous about the switch, but the transition was much smoother than we expected. Josh was at our restaurant the day we switched, and was very knowledgeable and definitely very helpful with making our first day go smoothly.  So far, we really like the capabilities this systems has for our call in orders and our delivery orders. It is so easy to make changes and updates to the system and the BOH Admin site is fantastic. We are able to look at and run reports that will help boost our revenue and profits.  We can’t wait to get our next store open and put MobileBytes there too!   

– Deserie & Pete Tavolacci, Owners - Dominic's Deli - Palm Coast Florida

Looking for a New POS System?
We Have You Covered

Professional Services are available for the implementation process.

Managed Services are available to keep systems secure, healthy and up to date.

Technical Services are a phone call away to assist you when something happens.

Why Heartland Restaurant

Heartland POS is an industry leading provider of POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  Heartland Restaurant is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

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