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NCR Accuview

Drive-Thru Order Confirmation Made Easier

Get the drive-thru tools you need to drive increased sales, engage guests and centrally manage your display and reporting data. It's never been easier to gain clear insight into your drive-thru's efficiency and sales data.  Seemless integration to your Aloha POS system.

NCR Accuview increases order accuracy, speed of service and influenced purchases while enhancing the guest experience and improving customer satisfaction.

How does NCR Vitalcast

Make Order Confirmation Easier?

Improve Order Accuracy

Customers can see exactly what they ordered and the price, resulting in fewer questions at the total.

We can help you avoid costly errors up front so that food delivery and payment is correct every time.

Integrates directly with the Aloha POS system.

Drive Product Sales

Tempt hungry drivers with breakfast, lunch, dinner and latenight
offers by automatically switching images and messages for each daypart.

You can offer promotions and suggestions to up-sell and cross-sell related menu items, which increases the average check size.

Increase Profitability

Discourage overcharges and employee theft by displaying the total amount due at time of order. Ensuring correct payment prevents lost revenue and reduces labor costs.

Keep the Lines Moving

You can help customers make fast decisions with appealing photos of food items.


When people know the total amount due at time of order, they can prepare for payment in advance and be on their way.


NCR is the global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues and entertainment industries. We help our clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, our solutions help our clients build better, more connected businesses.

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