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NCR Aloha
Guest Manager

Table Management Made Easier

Addressing the challenges in

Server, Guest & Table Management

NCR Aloha Guest Manager addresses slow table turns, ineffective seating, provides effective server and table management, accurate quote times and text messaging.

Slow Table Turns

With NCR Aloha Guest Manager, host staff operate with effective server and table management to increase table turns, from greet, to seat, to payment, to survey.

Inefficient Guest Seating

Now host knows which tables are open and how long each party has been sat.  The system recommends table seating by party size and server rotation metrics.

Ineffective Quote Times

Don't turn away guests when hosts are guessing at wait timers.  Host staff can now deliver personalized service and provide accurate wait time quotes.

Ability to Identify Service Issues

Now there is visibility into any problem areas in the seating cycle.

Staff Training & Turnover

Enjoy reduced training time with an intuitive easy to learn interface.

Ineffective Guest Communication

Text messaging for Table Ready, and optionally to Access and Pay their Guest Check along with a Survey when payment is completed.

How does NCR Aloha Guest Manager

Make Table Management Easier?

Increased Efficiencies

Manages reservations, walk-ins and call-ahead parties in a single, consolidated list.

Enables updating of table status from any Aloha POS terminal or from the NCR AGM Mobile iPhone app so the host knows immediately when a table is available.

Automates server rotations to ensure fair and consistent seating load across servers.

Captures valuable guest information, including contact info, guest preferences and visit history.

Search Aloha Loyalty members to find guests.  Loyalty member are then automatically assigned to their guest check in Aloha POS after being seated.

Improved Guest Experience

Eliminates the need for Paging Systems and connects with guests using text messaging.

Reduces walk-aways and frustrated guests with intelligent and accurate wait time quotes.

Tracks your guests’ special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Provides alerts when guests are waiting longer than their quoted time.

Speed of Service

Increases seat utilization with intelligent seating suggestions and real-time operational statistics.

Allows for identifying dirty tables quickly and initiating bus requests.

Enables staff to target tables that will open at similar times in order to join for large parties.

Alerts managers to tables that are exceeding target times during the check process.

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Aloha Guest Manager Mobile App

When your restaurant is on a wait, the longer a clean table sits emply, the longer your table turns become, thus reducing profit.

With Aloha Guest Manager Mobile, dining room roamers can view and update the status for all tables in your restaurant, in real-time. Marking tables as clean or dirty instantly updates staff at the host stand so they can find and seat waiting parties faster.

View real-time Aloha POS status updates to know which parties have been

given their checks and which have paid.

Quick seat a party when they enter the restaurant.

View party details for a particular table.

Aloha Guest Manager Mobile app communicates with AGM at the host stand with Aerohive secure wireless infrastructure.

Support for Multiple Devices

NCR Aloha Guest Manager operates on:

 NCR Back Office Fileserver

 Front of House NCR POS Terminals

 Wireless Microsoft Windows Tablets


Product Integrations

NCR Aloha Online Ordering integrates seemlessly with these other product solutions to grow your business.




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NCR is the global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues and entertainment industries. We help our clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, our solutions help our clients build better, more connected businesses.

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NCR Aloha
Guest Manager

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