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NCR Aloha

Operational Data Analysis Made Easier

Addressing the challenges in

Managing Restaurant Data

NCR Aloha Insight is a cloud based business analysis tool used to simplify to sales and labor reporting as well as exporting data to accounting & payroll systems.

Low Visibility Into Current Operational Performance

NCR Aloha Insight provides performance metrics anytime via web based software.

Inability To Analyze Data Effectively

Consolidate and customize reporting with drill-down analysis.

Identifying Service Issues

Notifications alert you when issues require your attention.

Multiple Areas Needing Constant Focus

Customizable sales, labor, and product pix views and reports.

Managing Multiple Stores

Operational data can be segmented by site, region or concepts.

Exporting Sales And Labor Into Accounting And Payroll Systems

Provides automated data transmissions to 3rd party systems.

How does NCR Aloha Insight

Make Managing Restaurant Data Easier?

Productivity and Sales Insights

Analyze historical indicators to proactively measure  current performance against long term plans.

Manage multiple stores with consolidated sales, labor, and product mix views to provide store-over-store comparisons.

Receive key audit exceptions which can alert you about potential loss or unusual activities in your business.

Stay informed with robust reporting and scheduling tools, audit, and exception alerting - all designed to keep you better informed.

An NCR Case Study

Magnolia Bakery Manages Data with NCR Aloha Insight

  We use NCR Aloha Insight every day.  Our accounting department uses the tools to pull sales and review deposit information; our HR team uses it for labor and time clock data; and our operations team uses the emailed reports to review menu mix data to compare across the all the bakeries.  NCR Aloha Insight touches almost every department in our organization.  

- Misty Martin, Vice President of Communications, Magnolia Bakery

Data Flexibility

Leverage the web-based tool to build custom reports and data elements unique to your business.

Utilize payroll and accounting integrations to provide automated data transformations to 3rd party systems.

Take advantage of SQL data replication services to securely transmit data to your facility, allowing you to further analyze key transactional elements important to your business.

With the replication services, you can further integrate  your operational data to external programs and services.

An NCR Case Study

Cava Mezze Grill Maintains Control with NCR Aloha Insight

  NCR Insight and Real-Time help us maintain consistent control over each store. I can’t be everywhere at once, but with these tools I feel like I am there all the time. 

- Brett Schulman, President and CEO, Cava Mezze Grill

Multi-Store Reporting

Consolidate and customize multi-store reporting with extensive drill-down analysis by site, region, market and concept.

Leverage a collection of performance indicators to identify stores which have a high number of exceptions over time.

Determine if exceptions are common across multiple stores by using the consolidated view and drilling in to uncover the details.

View historical check level detail from the website.

  We have 4 locations in multiple cities, so the cloud connectivity means we can access it from anywhere. The reporting and data functions are the most valuable to us, as it allows us to view sales trends at various times and locations to easily keep us informed of what's going on with our business.   

– Mike Mckinley, Franchise Owner Of Whit’s Frozen Custard

Improved Guest Experience

Spend less time on administration and more time serving customers and improving guest and employee satisfaction.

Understand top and bottom performers and actions to help your staff succeed in order to better serve your customers and grow your bottom line.

Enable operations to effectively communicate information and make swift decisions to drive sales and control costs.


NCR is the global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues and entertainment industries. We help our clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, our solutions help our clients build better, more connected businesses.

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NCR Aloha
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NCR Aloha
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