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NCR Aloha

Kitchen Production Made Easier

Addressing the challenges in

Kitchen Production

NCR Aloha Kitchen improves ticket timing and order accuracy, maximizes your operation’s capabilities in order to prepare and deliver incredible food to your guests.

Slow Service?

NCR Aloha Kitchen maximizes productivity with real-time routing to kitchen and production bins increasing speed of service.

Poor Food Quality?

NCR Aloha Kitchen's Coursing, Cook times, and Recipe Viewer guides consistent preparation and presentation.

Inability to Identify Service Issues?

NCR Aloha Kitchen provides real-time visibility into problem areas and ticket times, from cooking to selling every item.

Ineffective Customer Interaction?

Integration with NCR Aloha Takeout and NCR Aloha Online Ordering provides accurate wait time quotes.

Errors / Comps?

Higher food quality, easy-to-read modifiers and reduced bagging errors can decrease kitchen comps and voids by 40% to 60%.

How does NCR Aloha Kitchen

Make Kitchen Production Easier?

Increased Productivity

Orchestrates the functionality of the entire kitchen to ensure food is prepared fresh and just-in-time.

Smart bin functionality consolidates items and increases productivity of kitchen stations.

Seamlessly integrates to additional functionalities within the NCR Aloha solution, such as NCR Aloha Takeout, NCR Aloha Guest Manager and configuration systems.

Robust, redundant architecture keeps the system running even if individual components fail.

High Food Quality

Timing food preparation using cook times, bins, and/or coursing improves quality.

Coursing can allow items to be split into multiple courses and sets rhythm for the dining experience.

Delayed routing uses cook times of the individual items to allow everything to be completed together.

Recipe viewer helps promote consistency in preparation and serving among different cooks.

Modifiers are easier to read, preventing mistakes and decreasing amount of voids and refunds.

 Forecasting helps ensure that food is readily available, yet not sitting in a bin.

Speed of Service

Orders can be routed to the kitchen in real-time as soon as they are ordered on the POS terminals or via web/mobile ordering.

NCR Aloha Mobile handheld devices integrate with NCR Aloha Kitchen for even faster at-table ordering.

Expo displays orders and identifies which items are preventing the orders from being expedited.

Routing and load balancing can be adjusted based on your restaurant’s volume levels.

Orders can be transferred to another station if staff is running behind.

Effective Management

Metrics and alert thresholds give access to key performance indicators on any kitchen screen.

Analyze speed-of-service at the individual order, course, station or item level via reports available in the restaurant and in NCR Aloha Insight.

Highlights error-prone orders for staff to proactively address before food is sent to the guest.

An entire day’s operations can be replayed, detailing exactly what happened via the log viewer.

Solution Integration

Integrates with NCR Aloha Guest Manager and NCR Aloha Takeout functions to provide accurate wait times.

NCR Aloha MobileNCR Aloha Online Ordering, NCR Self Order Kiosk, and NCR Engage Mobile App improves the order-to-serve cycle time.

NCR Configuration Center provides a central source for Multi-Store management.

Equipment Placement

Stainless steel enclosures protect kitchen displays.  Mounts are standard vesa mounts allowing for multiple mounting options to choose from to best fit your kitchen.



 Hardened for Kitchen use

 Aestically pleasing

 Easy to Clean

 Portrait or Landscape options

 Energy Costs(Enegry Star)

Sleek Clean Design

Designed for the harsh kitchen environments. Stainless  Steel,  Projected Capacitive touch monitors are easy to clean very sturdy.  If its not Stainless,  it does not belong in your kitchen!

Kitchen Dispalys can be either touch screen or have a bump bar attached to manage orders.

Kitchen Displays are positioned at each production station for order routing and optimal efficiency.

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Product Integrations

NCR Aloha Kitchen integrates seemlessly with these other product solutions to grow your business.

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Aloha Kitchen

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