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NCR Aloha Orderpoint

Order Confirmation Made Easier

Get the tools you need to drive increased sales, engage guests at your counter service or fast casual operation.  Seemless integration to your Aloha POS system.

NCR Aloha Orderpoint increases order accuracy, speeds up the lines, increases tips while enhancing the guest experience and improving customer satisfaction.

How does NCR Aloha Orderpoint

Make Order Confirmation Easier?

Improve Order Accuracy

Customers can see exactly what they ordered and the price, resulting in fewer questions at the total.

We can help you avoid costly errors up front so that food delivery and payment is correct every time.

Integrates directly with the Aloha POS system.

Speed the Line with Self Pay

Reduce wait times in the line by adding a customer facing card reader to the NCR Order Confirmation Display.

When it's time for payment, customers will be prompted to swipe their credit card, eliminating the need to hand over the credit card to the cashier for payment.

Secure payment transaction. The credit card never leaves the consumer's possession.

Don't Hold Up your Lines When in a Tip Environment!

Fast casual operations in a tip environment can significantly speed up the lines with NCR Aloha Orderpoint displaying suggested tip amounts to choose from.  Your guests simply touch one of the tip amounts displayed on the NCR Orderpoint Touch Screen.

Eliminates the time needed to print a credit card voucher for the cashier to present to the customer to fill out.

Eliminates the time needed for the customer to then look at the total on the printed voucher and try to determine how much to tip, then write in the tip, then take the time to add up the amounts and write in the grand total, all while holding up the line.


much should

I Tip?

Reduced Labor Cost, Less Employee Turnover with Happier Cashiers

With consumers selecting their own tip amounts from the NCR Aloha Orderpoint touch screen, cashiers no longer have to all of the tip adjustments at the end of their shift.

This saves on average up to 20 to 30 minutes per cashier per shift in labor costs.  You can do the math on annual savings per week, month and year.

Cashiers are happier with Increased Tips.  With NCR Aloha Orderpoint displaying suggested tip amounts, customers are more likely to leave a tip.  While your customers can select a no thank you tip option, tips are significantly increased.  Happier cashiers means less turnover and less annual training costs when hiring fewer new cashiers each year.

Let NCR Aloha Orderpoint pay for itself and more, adding more profit to your bottom line.

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