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Is Your Legacy POS System Vulnerable to 

Memory Scraping Malware?

Tired of Sinking Money into new Hardware Purchases

every time Microsoft retires an Operating System?

Having EMV Chip Card Challenges?

It's About

Time For a Change

It's Time to Make the Switch

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite

Legacy POS Systems designed decades ago

are vulnerable to Memory Scraping Malware capturing your customer's credit card information.

Wendy's Data Breach cost 50 Million Dollars


For many reasons Legacy POS Systems are quickly becoming a dying breed as restaurant operators are making the switch by the thousands to systems designed with New Technology.

St. Mary's Seafood makes the switch from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant

  Just wanted to say thank you to the team at JCR for making a seamless transition for all four of my St Marys Seafood & More restaurants from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant. Special thank you to Tim, Ryan, Ryan and Devin, you guys did an amazing job. Heartland Restaurant has allowed me to take my restaurants to another level! it gave me the opportunity to offer loyalty points to my customers along with online ordering. My favorite feature is that Heartland Restaurant makes it possible for me access the system from anywhere in the world! I no longer have to be in front of the Aloha file server to access it! My only regret is that I didn’t switch to Heartland Restaurant sooner.   

– Nammour Nammour, Owner - St. Mary's Seafood & More - Florida and Georgia

Dominic's Deli & Eatery makes the switch from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant

  With our second Dominic’s Deli location on the way, we started looking into new point of sales systems. We scheduled a Heartland Restaurant demo with Ryan from JCR.  He worked very hard to ensure that all the back end information from our menu was input and that it functioned the way we wanted and that it would make the job of our employees much easier compared to the current system we were using. 


Heartland Restaurant is working great for us! We were nervous about the switch, but the transition was much smoother than we expected. Josh was at our restaurant the day we switched, and was very knowledgeable and definitely very helpful with making our first day go smoothly.  So far, we really like the capabilities this systems has for our call in orders and our delivery orders. It is so easy to make changes and updates to the system and the BOH Admin site is fantastic. We are able to look at and run reports that will help boost our revenue and profits.  We can’t wait to get our next store open and put Heartland Restaurant there too!   

– Deserie & Pete Tavolacci, Owners - Dominic's Deli - Palm Coast Florida

NCR Aloha
Restaurant Guard

Loss Prevention Made Easier

Addressing the challenges in

Preventing Fraudulent Activity

NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard uses artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate employee scams & theft, while ranking your highest and lowest performing staff.  Achieve increased profitability, controls and be better informed in the decision-making process.

Identifying Employee Theft

NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard monitors activity in real time to identify fraud.

Lack of Real Time Data

Receive immediate notifications when your attention is needed.

Low Visibility Into Current Operational Performance

NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard's detailed reporting provides summaries in all areas.

Knowledge Of New Theft Patterns

Recognize and prevent new scams from affecting your operations.

Difficulty In Managing Systems​​​​​​​

No special configuration required.

  75% of a restaurant’s inventory shortages are due to theft, which can equal up to 4% of its annual sales.   

– National Restaurant Association

How does NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard

Make Preventing Employee Theft Easier?

Artificial Intelligence

Powerful engine monitors employee activity to detect patterns of potentially fraudulent behavior.

Recognizes common scams, such as transfers, voids after check close, comps after check close and comps after check print.

When suspicious transactions are indicated, user-friendly alerts are sent to management in real-time.

Controls are adapted on an ongoing basis to reflect the latest theft patterns.

Real Time Monitoring

All transactions are monitored in real-time, enabling immediate identification of fraudulent activity at the point-of-sale terminal.

Takes the cost and complexity out of analyzing POS transaction activity.

Also examines historical trends and statistical variances for sophisticated theft detection.

Able to just “turn it on” – zero client configuration is required or needed.

Operational Insights

Detailed reports provide loss prevention summaries, scam alerts, and insights into server performance.

Provides site rankings by kitchen, dining room and fraud index.

Employee performance report compares performance on several key metrics, serving as a valuable employee performance and coaching tool.

Reports are customizable and require zero configuration, making them easy to use.

Workforce Management

Analytics from NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard make it easy to determine your best and worst employees.

Make appropriate staffing decisions to increase your customer service, create a healthy workplace and motivate your top performers.

By protecting inventory, payment processes and margins, NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard allows staff to focus on delivering an optimal customer experience.

Pulse Mobile App Integration

Accessible through the NCR Pulse mobile platform.

Receive instant notifications of significant comps, voids, and transfers on your mobile device.

Know what is happening with your employees at all times, and compare to historical data.

Quickly identify operational practices that need review.

Product Brochure / Case Studies

NCR Aloha
Restaurant Guard
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Restaurant Guard
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NCR Aloha
Restaurant Guard
​​​​​​​Case Study

NCR Aloha
Restaurant Guard
​​​​​​​Case Study

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