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NCR Aloha
Stored Value

Revenue Streams Made Easier

Addressing the challenges in

Generating More Revenue

NCR Aloha Stored Value Gift Cards extends your brand’s footprint and unlocks previously unrealized customer value. Now you can easily sell and redeem gift cards across multiple locations and enable your customers to reload gift cards online.

Ineffective Customer Interaction?

NCR Aloha Stored Value deepens relationships with customers.

Inconvenient and Unsecure Payment Options?

Transfer, reconcile and verify gift card funds automatically.

A Subpar Guest Experience?

Make it easier for customers to give gifts, pay for their checks, and add value to their cards.

Average Ticket Plateau?

Customers on average spend 65% more than the stored value card amount.

Ineffective Marketing / Promotion?

Gift cards provide a branded marketing tool that loyal customers will share.

Selling Gift Cards Online

Card Marketing Services, the card manufacturer, offers a complete solution for online gift card orders, from order fulfillment to shipping.

How does NCR Aloha Stored Value

Make Generating Revenue Easier?

Effective Marketing

Gift cards enable you to extend your brand outside of your restaurant’s four walls.

Turn your best guests into active marketers of your restaurant.

Understand your customers’ behavior to target specific offers for a higher response rate.

Offer multiple card types to build additional predictable revenue.


One solution that is easily implemented across multiple locations, franchises and businesses.

Can be instantly deployed and activated, and requires no additional hardware.

​​​​​​​Multi-settlement tools automatically transfer, reconcile and verify gift cards at any store location.

Improved Guest Experience

Enable your loyal customers a way to share the restaurant experience with others.

Support a wide variety of refund types and provide card balances on customer receipts.

Customers can view their gift card balance via a link on your website with Memberlink.

Effertless Management

Integrated tightly with other applications of the NCR solution, such as NCR Aloha Loyalty, providing valuable customer data on customer preferences.

Analyze when and where cards were used, what was purchased, and the average spend.

Monitor operations and revenues closely with real-time, enterprise-wide reporting capabilities.

Website Integration

NCR Memberlink allows your customers to go to your website and:

  Register their Loyalty cards

  Check their Reward Status/Earnings

  Check History


  Check Gift Card Balances

Sell Gift Cards Online

Virtual Gift Cards Can Lower Costs & Add Convenience

Gift Card Webstore

Online Gift Card Web Store with Aloha Connection Integration and Card Fulfillment by Card Marketing Services, the gift card manufacturer for Aloha Stored Value.  


CMS offers a complete solution in taking care of all of your gift card web orders, from webstore to order fulfillment to shipping.  CMS also offers your customer to order Virtual Gift cards, which significantly lowers costs.


Here is a list of live sites to checkout:

  World of Beer – www.worldofbeer.com

  Old Spaghetti Factory – www.osf.com

  Colton’s – www.coltonssteakhouse.com

  Coyote Blues - www.coyotebluesfreshmex.com

  Shanahan’s Steakhouse - www.shanahanssteakhouse.com

  Demos’ Restaurant - www.demosrestaurants.com

Product Brochure / Case Study

NCR Aloha
Stored Value
Data Sheet

NCR Aloha
Stored Value
Case Study

Card Marketing

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