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NCR Aloha

Takeout & Delivery Order Management Made Easier

Addressing the challenges in

Multi-Channel Order Management

NCR Aloha Takeout application offers a fully integrated solution for all your “TO GO” needs. Manage caller ID customer lookup, future & online orders, quote times, and driver management with delivery mapping directions.

Inaccurate Quote Times?

NCR Aloha Takeout provides static and dynamic quote times based on kitchen load.

Absence Of Customer Data?

Wide range of data fields including payment, loyalty, and credits.


Integration with Sticky Media™ enables easy labeling and accurate order tracking.

Speed of Service

Consistent customer lookup, fast customer access with caller ID integration, and ability to quickly import customer data.

Order Accuracy

Future/repeat/online order management and intuitive ordering process.

Driver Efficiency

Single-touch order assignment and itineraries with turn-by-turn directions.

How does NCR Aloha Takeout

Make Takeout Ordering Easier?

Speed of Service

Consistent customer lookup feature automatically searches against six different fields.

Intuitive user interface guides the user through the ordering process, allowing for a customized order flow to meet your customer’s needs.

Caller ID integration.

Order Accuracy

Future order management with capacity management, auto fire times and the ability to alter orders at any time.

The order confirmation screen that appears prior to firing the order allows changes to be made to the order, destination, or promise time.

Item and order manifest printing ensures non-food items are not left behind.

Integration with Sticky Media enables easy labeling and accurate order tracking from the kitchen to the customer, decreasing errors.

Accurate Quote Times

On-the-fly quote time management easily viewed through the user interface.

Integrated quote time management with NCR Aloha Kitchen provides quotes based on kitchen load.

Capacity management.

In-store quote times are integrated with NCR Aloha Online Ordering web solutions.

Accessible Customer Data

Vast number of data fields available for any customer.

Easy access to all customer historical information.

Ability to import data from pre-existing databases or applications.

PA-DSS validated payment application allows for safe and secure storage of credit card information.

Driver Efficiency

Single-click order assignments.

Turn-by-turn directions contained within driver itineraries.

Delivery area management.

On-screen maps for easier order routing and assignment.

Caller ID

Up to 2, 4 or 8 Lines Supported,

Aloha Takeout shows Phone Number and Name to better greet the customer and quickly access their account profile.

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Aloha Takeout

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