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NCR Connected Payments

EMV Payment Processing

NCR Connected Payments is a cloud gateway that will not only help you accept EMV payments through your Aloha POS system, but will also help you protect cardholder data and let your customers pay with a variety of mobile wallets.

Payment Security and Innovation

Enjoy Uncompromising Security in a Cost-Efficient Cloud Gateway

NCR Connected Payments is the answer to the evolving payment industry regulations and empracing new payment types. A fully secure payment route, it ensures complete data and transmission protection from PIN pad to payment processor.

NCR Connected Payments is implemented as a SaaS (Software‑as‑a‑Service) solution, allowing restaurant operators to easily comply with payment security measures, such as PCI and EMV, and helping them to prepare for a future of innovative payment options that improve the guest experience.

Easily Comply with PCI and Other Regulatory Requirements

Connected Payments helps merchants maintain continuous compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). It also enables them to quickly and easily transition to support EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), a global standard for interoperation of IC card-capable points of sale.

Restaurant operators implementing NCR Connected Payments enjoy fully automated payment software and compliance updates. This means that they do not have to worry about configuring POS (Point-of-Sale) and store systems every time a change is made to regulatory requirements.

Embrace New Payment Types Quickly and Easily

NCR Connected Payments’ architecture is uniquely geared towards payment innovation, it enables restaurant operators to rapidly implement new payment types and comply with emerging market trends.

As a result, new payment types can easily be deployed across the restaurant chain, offering customers greater choice and significantly improving the guest experience.

Prepare your Payment Systems for EMV Cards Effortlessly and Reduce Fraud-Related Liability

Connected Payments offers restaurant operators secure and flexible payment support, while helping them prepare for a future in which a multitude of payment options need be managed in a tightly regulated industry. The SaaS solution leverages flexible Microsoft architecture, as well as redundant active/ active datacenters with real-time data replication, to provide rich payment functionality.

This includes:
 Enterprise reporting 

​​​​​​​ P2P encryption and tokenization
 Central configuration support

 Payment terminal device management
 Payment system health monitoring and alerting
 Payment terminal device tracking and alerting

The Vision for Payment Acceptance in Restaurants

Connected Payments ultimately provides restaurant operators with enhanced control over payments, with reduced liability, greater flexibility in improving the guest experience, and the ability to quickly keep pace with industry innovations.

It is highly reliable, with redundancy built in at many levels, and with system health monitoring and alerting assuring continuous online availability.

Connected Payments effectively eliminates electronic payment-related POS overhead and enables fast time-to-market with centralized control of payments in the restaurant enterprise.

Verifone VX820 for Table Service

Tethered to the Terminal

Verifone's VX820 Terminal is perfect for table service environments when an EMV payment device will be tethered to the Aloha POS terminal.

The VX 820 INTEGRATED PIN pad has a high resolution 3.5” color touchscreen and backlit keys to ensure readability in any environment.

The VX 820 supports MSR, EMV, and NFC/CTLS payments, giving customers more choice and convenience when they pay.

Verifone MX915 for Counter Service

Tethered to the Terminal

Verifone's MX915 Terminal is perfect for fast casual counter service environments when an EMV payment device will be tethered to the Aloha POS terminal.

THE MX 915 BOASTS a vibrant display to bring messaging to life.

Clean lines and a sleek, modern, space-saving design make a powerful statement – whether in a lane or on a countertop.

Verifone VX690 for Table Service

Wireless Pay at the Table

Verifone's VX690 Terminal is perfect for table service environments when an EMV payment device will be taken to the table for guest payment, with full integration to the Aloha POS system.

Built on the VX Evolution platform, the VX 690 offers super-fast transactions, large touchscreen display, and built-in GPS for tracking transactions.

Compact yet powerful, the VX 690 is designed to improve usability and comfort, while enhancing the POS experience.

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Connected Payments

Connected Payments

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