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NCR Equipment

Reliable Hardware Made Easier

Are you considering a

New POS System?

In order to have an ultra-reliable POS, you have to run it on ultra-reliable hardware.  Our terminals and servers are designed to thrive in harsh, high-transaction environments. We also offer peripherals like scanners, cash drawers and printers for an end-to-end solution that saves you time and money. Whether you’re looking for a single terminal or multiple terminals with customer facing displays, we’ve got you covered.

How does NCR make

Retail Hardened Hardware Easier?

Built for Purpose Design

NCR retailed hardened equipment is designed and built specifically for harsh environments in the hospitality industry.

Best in Class Warranty Replacement

All NCR hospitality equipment comes with a standard "spare in the air" warranty entitlement program, which includes "whole unit replacement" shipped FedEx Overnight Next Day Air, with easy "return to service" of any defective unit.

NCR warranties can be renewed year after year during the full life cycle of a specific model, allowing your initial investment to be protected over the life of that model.

NCR warranties can be upgraded to ship 7 days a week, same day 4 hour response, or include technical personnel to replace the unit for you.

NCR 1532 - Good Entry Level POS Terminal

The NCR P1532 POS terminal helps you serve customers quickly and efficiently, every day of the year. Built to endure the harsh restaurant environment, NCR P1532 will never let you down. NCR’s newest generation of open retail platforms is faster, well-connected and uses less power than previous models. The terminal’s value and consistent performance makes it the ideal terminal for multi-year roll-outs. Shown with the optional NCR C730 Order Confirmation Display running NCR Aloha Orderpoint.

NCR 1535 - Better POS Terminal

The latest generation of open hospitality platforms from NCR is faster, more energy efficient, and provides more connectivity, so all of your front and back of house operations are integrated. When you have insight into all of your operations, you can make better business decisions and help your staff deliver an exceptional experience for your customers. Shown with the optional NCR XD10 Order Confirmation Display running NCR Aloha Orderpoint.

NCR XR7 - Best POS Terminal

At NCR, we are constantly inventing and reinventing technology to make every day easier. The NCR RealPOS™ XR7 represents the latest evolution of design and function for point-of-sale terminals. Consider this POS the brain of your restaurant with both beauty and brawn. The RealPOS XR7 helps you control costs, operate more efficiently and engage your guests to drive sales...and look good doing it. Its sleek modern design incorporates industrial grade materials to withstand the harsh restaurant environment. Inside the slim profile is an energy-efficient powerhouse with amazing processing capacity that goes beyond any POS in the market.. Shown with the NCR XD10 Order Confirmation Display running NCR Aloha Orderpoint.

NCR Orderman 7 - Hand Held Terminals

What works for you reliably around the clock, satisfies your guests and increases your sales? The new NCR Orderman7

This new champion device makes radio ordering faster, more reliable and easier than ever. Benefit from its technical features and the tireless spirit. With the extremely long operating time of up to 18 hours, the unit is setting new benchmarks, for instance, with its bright display, high-quality material, unrivaled strength and ease of use.

Twenty years of experience and a high level of expertise stand behind this device, specially designed to meet the challenges of the hospitality industry. The radio ordering functionality can help improve service, showing results of up to 25% more sales. This makes this unbeatable hero a true asset for your restaurant, particularly in combination with the latest generation of the uniquely stable Orderman Secure Radio.

The New NCR Orderman7

Who is reliable around the clock? Who can pamper your guests and increase your sales? The new NCR Orderman7.

Experience the progress in the hospitality sector: The new superhero makes radio ordering faster, more reliable and easier than ever. See for yourself the benefits of the new handheld Orderman7.

NCR N3000 - Back Office Appliance

The NCR N3000 server is the latest fit-for-purpose back office solution designed to support and maximize an operator’s long-term investment by securely
storing important sales, inventory and system configuration data. With the combination of reliable solid-state components typically found in NCR’s point-ofsale
products and the performance of industry standard PC technology, this powerful hardware enables the high and ongoing uptime that your hospitality
business needs.  As a managed service provider, JCR Systems provides the managed services needed to keep your back office appliance secure, including Web Protection, Antivirus, and Cloud Backup Disaster Recovery.  We also provide
Managed Network Security Services to keep the site safe and protected from intrusions and hackers.

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