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NCR Mobile Pay

Mobile Payments Made Easier

Addressing the challenges with improving

Customer Convenience

NCR Mobile Pay improves Speed of Service, Table Turns and Your Guest’s Experience with Mobile Innovation.  Allow customers to access their check using any mobile device to alert servers, favorite items, request another round, and pay their check.

Ineffective Customer Interaction?

With NCR Mobile Pay , your guests can easily alert their server for attention

Inconvenient And Unsecure Payment Options

Guests can pay with their smart phone without ever having to hand over their credit card.

Speed of Service

Customers can pay their check as soon as they are ready to leave, and email a receipt if needed.

Average Ticket Plateau?

Customers can easily request to reorder more drinks or items (which alerts their server so the request does not get forgotten) and can favorite items to order again on their next visit back.

Order Accuracy

Customers can see and interact with their check at any time, thus finding any problems faster.

Dantanna's Case Study of NCR Mobile Pay for Aloha Point of Sale Systems

How does NCR Mobile Pay make

Customer Engagement, Payment and Convenience Easier?

Enhanced Interactions

Guests are able to access NCR Mobile Pay through their mobile browser at ncrpay.com.

 Integration with NCR Aloha Loyalty enables customers to enter their card information to earn rewards.

 “Specials” feature allows the restaurant  to display their top five items for increased suggested selling.

 Sharing via social networks is available when an item is given a “thumbs up” ranking.

Improved Guest Experience

Guests will appreciate being served more efficiently, as well as the ability to pay and leave on their own terms.

Guests can provide valuable feedback after payment with NCR Customer Voice.

Preferences and favorite food items can be saved for easy ordering on future visits.

Instead of processing payments, your staff’s time is focused on serving your guests.


Reduces fraudulent activity by eliminating the passing of credit cards between guests and staff

 Guests never lose sight of their credit card, and they are able to pay with their own PayPal account if they choose

 Mitigates credit card skimming and passing of sensitive information by your staff

Speed of Service

Allows guests to pay on their terms, enabling staff to turn tables faster during peak day parts.

 Easy ability for guests to order another drink or food item.

 Paging ability ensures that guests are able to reach their server when something is needed.

 Receipt is e-mailed directly to the customer after the transaction is complete.

Paypal Integration

Industry leader in mobile payments with largest digital wallet today.

 Guests can log-in to their PayPal account and easily pay their check.

 Exclusive restaurant exposure on the PayPal mobile application, with 31 million users and growing.

 Competitive card present rates, with no interchange rates added on top.

Supports all major card brands: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

An NCR Case Study

City Winery Enhanced Hospitality with NCR Mobile Pay

  Successfully implementing NCR Mobile Pay proves that NCR is interested in offering cutting edge technology to their clients to keep them ahead the curve in enhanced hospitality.  

- David Richter: General Manager, City Winery

Product Integrations

NCR Mobile Pay integrates seemlessly with these other product solutions to grow your business.


Stored Value








NCR is the global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues and entertainment industries. We help our clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, our solutions help our clients build better, more connected businesses.

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Mobile Pay
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Mobile Pay
Case Study

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