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NCR Silver Pro

Restaurant Edition

Cloud Based iPad Solution Made Easy

This simple iPad solution will help you

Manage the complex parts of your business

Easily take orders and payments and serve up a great customer experience with NCR Silver™ Pro Restaurant Edition, a cloud-based iPad point-of-sale system. Enjoy table mapping, offer happy hour specials and so much more.

What if your register could?

Easily ring sales?

Quickly split guest checks?

Capture your customer’s info for  email marketing?

Quickly route orders to the kitchen?

Better manage employee clock-ins?

Better reward your Loyal Customers?

Effortlessly manage takeout, delivery & online orders?

Instantly know how your business is performing?

Simply configure your menu and floorplan?

Easily update your settings from the web?

Market to your best customers?

Integrate Social Media to promote your brand?

  I set up Silver Pro Restaurant to make it look like my actual business. My operations have now become much more streamlined with the table layout feature.  

– Anand Subramanian, Bliss Bar & Lounge, Johns Creek, GA

How does NCR Silver™ Pro Restaurant Edition

Make running your restaurant easier?

Operate Your Restaurant

Take orders and ring up sales in a simple, easy way – all from your iPad

Optimized for different types of restaurants, including table service, quick service, bars and fast casual

Simplified restaurant-specific functions - such as modifiers, kitchen printing, takeout and delivery, and tip declaration - help you get your restaurant up-and-running in no time

System redundancy keeps your system up even when your Internet is down

Advanced check splitting capabilities, including by seat, by group of seats or just an equal split, enable you to easily accommodate your guests

An NCR Case Study

Tracking Overtime with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

  As a successful restaurant for the last 30+ years, we’ve really modernized our business in the eyes of our customers with Silver Pro Restaurant Edition…as one example, we are able to save several hours per week in payroll processing thanks to the time clock functionality that is part of the solution.​​​​​​​  

– Brent Reaves, Owner,  Smokey John’s - Dallas, Texas

Manage Your Business

Get information on-the-go with detailed reporting and mobile dashboards

Access your restaurant’s business metrics and reports securely in real-time, from any web browser

Menus, prices, floor plans and other configurations update instantly across multiple devices

Capture critical employee time punches with the integrated time clock support, including the ability to support multiple job codes per employee

Track customer purchase history, including takeout and 
delivery orders

An NCR Case Study

Cloud Reporting with NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

  Mobile accessibility is great. It takes 30 seconds to log into the site and see where we are.  

– Aaron Vogel, Partner, District

Engage Your Customers

Grow your business through email and social marketing capabilities

Capture and maintain a customer database during the transaction or on the web

Use creative templates for social media and email marketing to increase sales and connect with your customers digitally

Track customer behavior and send personalized promotions and large scale campaigns

Learn more about your customers, gain new customers and turn your repeat customers into fans

Your Every Day Easier

Focus on growing your sales...not grappling with technology

Trust the industry leader in restaurant technology to provide a solution that meets the needs of your operations

Our experience in helping restaurants worldwide provides the expertise needed to give you the features you need in order to grow your business - while keeping your technology investment low

Support for installing and configuring Silver Pro Restaurant Edition is provided by a connected, local provider with more experience in implementing restaurant technology


NCR is the global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues and entertainment industries. We help our clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, our solutions help our clients build better, more connected businesses.

Product Brochure / Case Studies

NCR Silver Pro
Restaurant Edition

NCR Silver Pro
Restaurant Edition
Sample Reports Guide

NCR Silver Pro
Restaurant Edition
Case Study

NCR Silver Pro
Restaurant Edition
Case Study

NCR Silver Pro

NCR Silver Pro
Advanced Reporting

NCR Silver Pro
Employee Management

NCR Silver Pro
Inventory Management

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