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Improving Sales and Labor Data Management with NCR Aloha Insight.

LOW VISIBILITY INTO CURRENT OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE: NCR Aloha Insight provides performance metrics anytime via web based software.

INABILITY TO ANALYZE DATA EFFECTIVELY: Consolidate and customize reporting with drill-down analysis.

MULTIPLE AREAS NEEDING CONSTANT FOCUS: Customizable sales, labor, and product pix views and reports.

MANAGING MULTIPLE STORES: Operational data can be segmented by site, region or concepts.

IDENTIFYING SERVICE ISSUES: Notifications alert you when issues require your attention.

EXPORTING SALES AND LABOR INTO ACCOUNTING AND PAYROLL SYSTEMS: Provides automated data transmissions to 3rd party systems.


  • Analyze historical indicators to proactively measure  current performance against long term plans

  • Manage multiple stores with consolidated sales, labor, and product mix views to provide store-over-store comparisons

  • Receive key audit exceptions which can alert you about potential loss or unusual activities in your business

  • Stay informed with robust reporting and scheduling tools, audit, and exception alerting - all designed to keep you better informed

How does NCR Aloha Insight make managing your restaurant easier?

Cava Mezze Grill
Maintains Control with
NCR Aloha Insight


Brett Schulman, President and CEO, Cava Mezze Grill

NCR Insight and Real-Time help us maintain consistent control over each store. I can’t be everywhere at once, but with these tools I feel like I am there all the time.

NCR Aloha

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NCR SMS Messaging

Gift Card Solution:
NCR Aloha Stored Value Gift Cards

Customer Loyalty Solution:
NCR Aloha Loyalty

Customer Feedback & Retention:
NCR Customer Voice

Online & Mobile Ordering:
NCR Aloha Online Ordering

Customer Mobile Payments:
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NFC Mobile Wallet Payments:
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Table Management, Online Reservations:
NCR Aloha Guest Manager

Call Ahead Order & Driver Management:
NCR Aloha Takeout

Efficient Order Labeling
NCR Sticky Media™

Table-side Ordering & Pay At The Table:
NCR Aloha Mobile

Kitchen Video Production System:
NCR Aloha Kitchen


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Real Time Information on your Android and iOS Mobile Devices:
NCR Pulse Platform
NCR Pulse Real-Time

Measure Employee Performance,
Deter Employee Theft:
NCR Restaurant Guard

Anywhere Cloud Reporting,
Accounting & Payroll Integration:
Aloha Insight

Multi-Unit Site Configuration:
NCR Aloha Configuration Center

Inventory Control Software
Optimum Control Iventory

Guest Wi-Fi and Data Security:
NCR Network Security Services

EMV, P2PE, & Mobile Wallet Payments
NCR Connected Payments Gateway

Aloha Spy Camera DVR System:
Video Surveillance Integration


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