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Optimum Control

Restaurant Inventory
Made Easier

Addressing the challenges with

Restaurant & Bar Inventory Control

Optimum Control is a Hospitality Inventory Control system for Precise Menu and Recipe Costing, Simplified Ordering, Detailed Purchasing, Event Management, Nutritional Analysis, Comprehensive Reporting, and optional Aloha POS system integration.

Food and Recipe Costing

Optimum Control is designed for easy setup, know all of your recipe cost to optimize profitability

Purchasing, Pricing, Invoices

Use Optimum Control to simplify your purchasing with results that make sense. Buy from who you want and how you want.

Periodic Physical Inventory

Optimum Control saves time with simple, accurate yet forgiving inventory counting to fit your operation’s needs.

Inaccurate Reporting?

Use Optimum Control to make decisions that save time and money, ordering only what’s needed.

Accurate Inventory Reporting

Account for all of your stock to facilitate decision making, and know where your opportunities exist.

Catering and Banquets?

Use Optimum Control to confirm events and know what you need to plan and cost any banquet.

Recipe Costing, Inventory, Ordering, Purchasing, Allergins & Nutritional Information with Optimum Control

How does Optimum Control make

Inventory Control Easier?

Food and Recipe Costing

It’s all about taking the guess work out of event management!​​​​​​​

Designed for Easy Setup

 Determine the exact unit cost for every case size purchased

 Setup case sizes by answering a few simple questions

 Yield trimmed items without creating a recipe

 Use duplicate function for similar item

Know All Your Recipe Costs

 Indicate the expected  yield of each prep and batch recipe

 Find the true cost per portion for all recipes

 Include detailed preparation instructions

 Add sub-recipes as ingredients

Optimize Profitability

 Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage

 Link recipes to your POS system to identify theoretical usages

 Recipe costs are updated as ingredient prices change


It’s all about saving you time and making inventory counting easier!​​​​​​​

Fits Your Operation’s Needs

 Count inventory by full case, split case and even recipe units

 Enter counts for as many locations per item as needed

 Customize count sheets to match your storage locations

 Format count sheets by location, group or even category

Simplified Inventory  Counting

 Count one or more case sizes for each item

 Detail amounts of batch recipes on hand

 Perpetual counts stored for non-key items

 Import counts from a mobile device

Accurate, Yet Forgiving

 Re-date an inventory entered for the wrong date

 Adjust counts with full audit history

 Value inventory using FIFO, Last Cost or Average Cost

 Review counts and values before finalizing

Sales Export Module

It’s all about business automation, saving you time and money!


Product sales are exported from your POS System into Optimum Control

Sales are processed daily directly into Optimum Control

Scheduled tasks can be run to fully automate sales extraction

Unlinked products are stored as Pending Sales so sales mix data is never lost

  Optimum Control Sales Export automatically loads your sales and sales mix from your POS System everyday!! This has saved our staff so much time!!  

- Robert Cawthorn, Franchise Partner, Tijuana Flats Burrito Company


It’s all about making ordering easire!

Save Time Creating  Orders

 Create templates for commonly ordered items

 Order from multiple suppliers at once

 Export orders to many popular suppliers

 Request bids from all suppliers simultaneously

Make Decisions that  Save Money

 Pick suppliers based on last supplier or best bid prices

 Track bids on every case size purchasable

 Verify orders with a receiving docket

 Choose the correct case size for the order

Ordering Only What’s  Needed

 Create forecasted orders by per day usage, sales volume or par levels

 Order by full or split cases

 Generate purchase orders and receiving dockets to verify stock ordered to received

  With Optimum Control you can track your purchasing, credits, interface with QuickBooks, and much more. Now when we have an issue with an item you can focus your attention to that item and stop saying “watch your food costs." If you don’t have Optimum Control you should, it is not difficult to set up….and you will be surprised with what you learn when you establish your Menu pricing and see your actual costs!!  

- Robert Cawthorn, Franchise Partner, Tijuana Flats Burrito Company


It’s all about saving you money and making purchasing easier!​​​​​​​

Simplify Your Purchasing

 Update or overwrite prices as you enter the invoice

 Create an invoice by receiving an order

 Export purchase transactions to many popular accounting systems

 Request a credit for returned stock

Get Results That Make Sense

 Apply taxes and adjustments to the cost of purchased items

 Update stock levels instantly

 Know that an invoice will only save when balanced

 Price changes flow through to all recipes

Buy From Who You Want - How You Want

 Purchase an item in multiple case sizes

 Know which case sizes are purchased regularly

 Create templates for routine purchases

 Searching by name or order code

Invoice Import Module

It's all about saving you time and reducing errors!

What does it do?

 Imports your invoices from your suppliers electronically 

 Updates your prices and stock levels automatically

How will it benefit you?

 Saves you time - Ability to enter a 5 page invoice within seconds.

 Reduce Errors - Analyzes invoice lines and identities errors for easy correction.

Which suppliers do you work with?

• Sysco

• Pratt's

• Cheney Brothers


• US Food Services

• Nicholas & Company

• Reinhart

• Shamroc

• Southern Wine & Spirits

• Crescent Crown Distributing

• Ben E. Keith

• Performance Food Services

• Flanigan's

• Coca-Cola

• Unisource

• Keany Produce

Note: Any Supplier that is able to export a CSV invoice file can be configured to work with this module.

  From a Chef whom is responsible for entering 80% of invoices received, I am keenly aware of how much time and frustration the Invoice Import Module eliminates. The time it takes to integrate your items is truly worth the effort. I now have more time to be where I am needed, and enjoy being the most, in my kitchen.  

- Patrick Gharrity, Chef, La Casa Sena, Santa Fe


It’s all about getting the information you need!

Facilitates Decision Making

 Generate reports with just a few simple clicks of a mouse

 Filter reports to see the information you want

 Export reports to many popular file formats

 Over 70 reports available organized by category

Account For All  Of Your Stock

 Usage Summary – Actual vs. theoretical usage on all inventory items

 Item Activity – Displays perpetual inventory quantities and values

 Identify what was purchased from which supplier and what was paid

Know Where  Opportunities Exist

 Cost Analysis – Analyze cost of sales trends for up to four periods

 Budget Variance – Identifies actual vs. budgeted values per GL account

 Menu Engineering – Analyze menu item profitability and popularity

Catering and Banquets

It’s all about taking the guess work out of event management!​​​​​​​

Plan And Cost  Any Banquet

 Detail event time,  serve time and duration

 Base quote on Selling  price, Cover Price or  even Cost of sales percentage

 Extract stock from inventory  once event is complete

Confirm The Event

 Print a confirmation so  the client can sign off

 Display any special  instructions required

 Keep a detailed file of  all events

Know What You Need

 Print a shopping list  for each event

 View a scaled listing  of all preps required

 Automatically create an  order ready to upload  to suppliers

Product Integrations

Optimum Control integrates seemlessly with our POS Systems to grow your business.


POS for iPad

NCR Aloha

Point of Sale

Product Brochure

Optimum Control

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