Sam4s SPS-520 RT Cash Register

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Sam4s SPS-520 RT Cash Register, 7” Operator Touch Screen, Raised Keyboard, Dual Station Thermal Receipt and Journal Printers

Item#: ECR-SAM4S-SPS-520-RT

Part#: 950053


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price:

Sam4s SPS-520-RT-608x681.gif

JCR Programming Services:

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Professional programming services available on this item.  Let JCR program your department categories, sales tax and items.

Product Details

For Retail, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Beer/Wine/Liquor, Specialty Food, Produce, Meat, & Main Street Merchants.

The SPS-500 is an ideal replacement for older-technology cash registers, a cost-effective alternative to PC-based POS and a powerful platform for independent franchises, multi-unit operators and chain accounts.  The raised keyboard provides all the functions required by busy retailers.  Authority is managed using traditional, secure cash register keys.

Available Through Memory Allocation:
• Up to 60,000 PLUs*
• Up to 999 Clerks/Cashiers*
• Up to 99 Group Totals*
• Up to 4 Hard or Soft Check Files*
• Up to 5 Price Levels per PLU
• Up to 100 Mix & Match Discounts
Up to 200 Key Link Menu Screens*

   * with optional memory expansion
• Stock Management
• Ingredient File

• 10 Discounts/Surcharges

• Electronic Journal

• Time and Attendance Labor Reporting

• Up to 32 Registers per Network

• Delivery Tracking

Management Reports:
Complete Financial Report

Individual Clerk/Cashier Report

Hourly Sales Analysis

Reporting for Clerks/Cashiers

PLU, Group and Stock Reports

Period-To-Date Financial, Hourly,

  Cashier, Group and PLU Reports

Sales for 5 periods: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

Electronic Journal
The journal can be archived electronically for printing at end-of-day, can be collected on an SD card. A variety of electronic journal reports are available that allow you to quickly audit selected activities.

For Convenience and Accuracy

Automatic Tax Calculation for Up to

6 Rates or Tables

Cancel Sale Function

Key Lock Controlled Transaction Void

Check Cashing, Post Tendering

Hash PLU Status, Training Mode
Forced Age Verification

Not-Found PLU, PLU Price Inquiry

Built-In Electronic Time Clock

Customized Quality Receipts

Pre & Post Graphic Logos

Up to 6-Line Pre & Post Messages

Complete Receipt on Request

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SPS-530 RT

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