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Sticky Media™

Order Labeling Made Easier

Addressing the challenges with

Labeling Custom Orders

Sticky Media™ is a receipt and pressure-sensitive adhesive label combination that maximizes printer performance, increases order accuracy, customer satisfaction, and productivity.

Using Bulky, Wasteful Pre-Printed Labels With A Liner?

Sticky Media™ is a liner-free solution that wraps onto itself.

Lost Or Crumpled Receipts/Chits?

Labels stick to a broad range of packaging with several adhesive options.

Costly Grease Pencils Or Markers Get Lost

Replace current consumables with one solution that will not be misplaced or lost.

Slow Manual Process Using Tape Or Staples?

Prints when order is placed or bumped and placed immediately on package.

Traditional Labels With A Liner Are Not A Flexible Solution

Sticky Media™ delivers variable length receipt printing.

NCR Sticky MediaTM Printable Receipt Video

NCR Sticky Media is a unique combination of thermal receipt paper and a pressure sensitive label. See how NCR's Sticky Media product innovation can make labeling orders more productive and profitable:

Reduced material costs
 Higher order accuracy
Higher order throughput
 Higher customer satisfaction
 Extra revenue per store

NCR Sticky Media will save you time and money!

How does Sticky Media™ make

Producing Custom Orders Easier?

Reduced Material Cost

Sticky Media™ replaces all current consumables costs with one cost. This means no more tape, markers, pre-printed stickers, etc.

Sticky Media™ combined with a modified POS printer is often much less than a typical label printer and traditional labels.

Seamlessly integrates into the complete NCR hospitality solution - both NCR hardware and NCR Aloha software.

Improved Order Accuracy

Staff can build the orders directly off of the Sticky Media™ receipt, resulting in fewer incorrect orders.

Less orders will need to be remade, thus reducing food waste costs to the operator.

Less food is needed to recreate inaccurate orders, saving the operation time and money.

Increased Productivity

Kitchen staff spends less time on labeling orders and more focused time on order preparation.

Time previously spent remaking inaccurate orders is reallocated to serving customers.

Most QSR operations see greatly-reduced average order build times using Sticky Media™.

Improved Guest Experience

Customers receive their orders faster due to the decreased production times that result from using Sticky Media™.

Customers are more likely to have their order made exactly the way they want it, resulting in satisfied guests and increased loyalty.

Faster build times and reduced incorrect orders allow the staff to serve additional customers, driving incremental margin.

Superior Design

Offset adhesive patches allow staff to grab Sticky Media™ without sticking to gloves.

Continuous roll allows for variable receipt printing, based on order size or number of modifiers.

Black marks on the back indicate clear-cut zones, which prolongs the printer’s life span by ensuring the printer never cuts through the adhesive.

No label liner reduces paper waste and improves the impact to the environment.

An NCR Case Study

Worlds Leading QSR Increases Speed & Accuracy with Sticky Media™

 The cost of each transaction has been reduced due to faster, more accurate order fulfillment which in turn has provoked higher customer satisfaction.

- World’s Leading Food Service Retailer

Product Integrations

NCR Mobile Pay integrates seemlessly with these other product solutions to grow your business.






NCR is the global leader in hospitality technology solutions, serving businesses in the restaurant, events-based venues and entertainment industries. We help our clients transform their operations and interactions with their guests and staff. From increasing speed of service to attracting, retaining and engaging customers, our solutions help our clients build better, more connected businesses.

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Sticky Media
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Sticky Media
Data Sheet

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