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1700W Series

Best in Class Performance

 7" High Res Color LCD

TDES and ADA Compliant

 EMV Compatible

​​​​​​​ Dial up or Internet

Hantle, Raising the Bar for Retail ATMs

Hantle 1700W ATM

Front View

Hantle 1700W ATM

Side View

Hantle 1700W ATM

Front View with Topper

Hantle 1700W ATM

Side View with Topper

Product Brochure

1700W ATM

Delivery, Installation and Training Included

*Specializing in Southeast USA

Why should you Own your ATM?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An ATM transaction is not the same as a transaction ran on a point of sale system or credit card terminal because the banks pay the ATM processing fees, not the merchant. Fees are not charged to you for ATM transactions like they are on your monthly merchant services credit card processing statement 

There are different ways to obtain an ATM for your business. The most profitable option is to own your ATM. You can set your ATM to charge a competitive withdrawl fee of your choice and because you own the ATM you get to keep 100% of that fee charged to everyone who withdrawls cash from your ATM. Our ATMs accept all the major credit and debit cards, and even EBT cards, that allow cash back.

Your return on investment is very fast.  For example: If you set your ATM to charge $3.00 per withdrawl and average only 3 customer withdrawls a day, your average income will be:


$12 per day
$360 per month

$4,380 per year

That's $21,900 every 5 years with only 3 withdrawls a day, which is a low conservative number. Even better you paid back the total cost of your ATM purchase in less than the first year.  Everything moving forward is all continous profit.

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ATM Processing with DNS

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Digital Network Solutions (DNS) provides gateway network connectivity and transaction processing for your ATMs. DNS has been in business since 1994, processing over 7,000 ATMs nationwide.

DNS offers 99.99% uptime through multiple data centers and systems redundancy. DNS provides multiple gateway network access for you to accept all national and regional debit cards, EBT/Government benefits cards, *prepaid cards, and *credit cards. *DNS supports all PIN-based transactions.

Get proactive notification of problems as they arise in real-time with our free monitoring and alerts system. Get configurable notification messages sent to your email, and/or cellphone to maximize your uptime. ATM uptime = profit! Keep your ATMs up and profiting. DNS provides solutions for your entire ATM portfolio with a friendly staff and helpful answers to your questions.

DNS WebMon Login


Already have other ATMs?

You can put them all under one DNS portal

DNS can process all major ATMs brands.

DNS can handle your ATM's connectivity needs:

Dial-Up through regular phone lines via multiple 800#s, SSL-secured TCP/IP connectivity, Wireless connectivity via CDMA or GSM devices. **Wireless connectivity based on your local carrier and proper hardware. 

DNS takes care of all your exception claims ("I didn't get my money" disputes). DNS will request your local machine archive and handle the rest for you!

DNS would like to provide you a new level of personal customer service that you are probably unfamiliar with in this industry. You are not a number, but an important and valued part of a winning team when you process with DNS!

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