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Consumer Self Ordering Made Easy

Millennials, Gen Z, Baby Boomers and Digital Natives…you want to attract them all. It comes down to being able to offer choice, flexibility and convenience.  In addition to mobile apps and online capabilities, you can accomplish this by adding self-ordering kiosks into your business that are a seamless extension of your restaurant's point-of-sale system.


The Heartland Restaurant Kiosk solution helps you lower labor costs, increase throughput during your peak times, and offer multiple ways for your customers to order, pay and interact with your brand.  Consumers can take their time to review the entire menu, look at special offers and place their order – all without standing in line waiting for a cashier.

Heartland Restaurant Kiosk

Makes Consumer Ordering Easier

Only One Database to Maintain

From Point of Sale, to Mobile App Ordering, to Online Ordering, to Kiosk Ordering, the Heartland Restaurant Suite eliminates the complexity of maintaining Multi-Revenue centers so your menu items only need to be added into the system one time.


Add in a new Menu Item or change a Price Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device and it's instantly everywhere you need it to be. Say goodbye to refreshing data on legacy pos systems causing the system to go down while everyone waits for the terminals to re-boot.


No additional modules are needed to setup, configure, and maintain. No fileservers are required which are single point of failures other pos systems are limited to.

Reliable & Affordable iPad Platform Branded with your Logo and Color Accents

Consumer reports states Apple “has the most reliable devices”.  iPads are solidly built, perform well, offer the best combination of speed & price, run a reliable & easy to use operating system, and come with the best support of any brand.

Promotional Graphics Slideshow

Heartland Restaurant's Kiosk app is a great way to display promotions with a graphics slideshow.

Using the web portal, it's quick and easy to display promotions and specials in a beautiful way to your guests using your own custom graphic designs.

When customers are not ringing up an orders, the Kiosk app automatically begins rotating through your images based on the number of seconds you specify.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Give your customers an easy way to get in and out of your restaurant quickly without having to wait in line.


Your menu is beautifully displayed to guests with custom images and detailed menu discriptions for each menu item.


The Kiosk app can also prompt the guest for a "locator" number so food runners can quickly get orders to waiting customers.

Order History & Loyalty Rewards

Customers love when it's easy to engage and be rewarded for being loyal. 


With Heartland Restaurant Kiosk, your customer can quickly scroll through their order history to repeat their favorite previous orders, all modified they way they like it.  Repeat orders with one touch significantly speeds up the ordering process.


Your customer will also be notified when they've earned a loyalty reward to redeem right in the Kiosk app.  Customers can also review their order history and loyalty rewards status in the Heartland Guest mobile app.

Reduce Labor Costs

The cost per year to place one or more kiosks into your operations is significantly less than the annual labor cost and payroll taxes for cashier employees.  The return on investment is immediate.  While some customers prefer to order person to person, entering food orders for guests who would rather do it themselves is an unnecessary expense.

Automated Upsell to Increase Sales 

Kiosk stations provide restaurants the capacity to serve more guests during peak periods.  Kiosk also provides a way to retain guests from leaving when lines at Cashier stations are longer than expected.  More guests served equals more revenue.   


When they are in direct control of their order, your guests are more likely to order more.  Kiosk can also help increase check averages with suggested upselling by automatically prompting the customer if they would like to add beverages, or desserts to their order only when certain items were not ordered, all based on your upsell criteria.


The Heartland Cloud Managed POS Suite allows you to configure different upselling plans by times of day and days of week.


Retaining one or two additional customers a day combined with automated suggesting upselling can have an enourmous impact on increasing your restaurant's annual sales.

Increased Order Accuracy

Customers using Self Order Kiosk can bypass counter lines for faster, more accurate order entry.  Guests take full control and responsibility for their orders.  Guests customize their own orders reducing errors and enabling them to easily confirm orders.

86 Items and Modifiers

When implenting new technology, it's important to not negatively impact the guest experience.  Sometimes restaurants run out of a certain menu items and ingregients and when that happens Heartland Restaurant Kiosk has you covered.


When management sets the Item Availability counts in the Heartland Restaurant POS system, those counts are fully recognized in the Kiosk stations, not allowing your guests to order items when there are none left. 


The Heartland Restaurant Suite fully supports this feature functionality from Online Ordering, to Mobile app ordering, to Skip the Line Ordering, to Kiosk ordering, helping you to enhance the guest experience.

Gift & EMV Chip Card Payments

Gift and EMV Chip Card payment processing is built right in to Heartland Restaurant Kiosk.  No need to pay for expensive project implementation costs to add EMV Chip payment devices and best yet, there's no additional monthly cost either.

In October 2015, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express mandated liability shifts for fraudulent transactions. This means that merchants using legacy magnetic stripe readers for accepting credit cards carry the entire burden for merchant chargebacks if a card with a chip is swiped.


Many consumers will prefer using merchants capable of processing EMV transactions because EMV advertises an enhanced level of payment security.

Wave your Smartphone or Smartwatch to pay with NFC technology!

NFC technology works with mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay.

Accepting Chip cards opens up Near Field Communication (NFC), a form of contactless communication between devices like smartphones and smartwatches using Apple Pay, Android Pay. Heartland Restaurant Kiosk, using the EMV Chip payment terminals, allows a user to pay for their purchases using their smartphone or smartwatch. Compared to EMV, NFC transactions are much faster and provide the same level of chargeback protection.

Suggested Tips & Signature Capture

Operations in a tip environment can significantly speed up lines displaying suggested tip amounts for customers to choose from. 


Your guests simply touch one of the tip amounts displayed on the iPad and signs on the iPad for Signature Capture after payment is approved.


Displaying suggested tips helps to increase the tip pool distributed to the staff, which helps to reduce employee turnover thereby lowing your costs to train new employees.

Orders Sent to the Kitchen

Built-In to the core Heartland Restaurant Platform Suite, the Kitchen Display App is included at No Additional Cost, allowing as many KDS Stations as you need.

With KDS, orders from Kiosk are automatically sent to Production Stations in the kitchen. 


When orders are ready and bumped from the KDS station, optional text messaging can immediately text your guests informing them their to-go order is now ready.

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Why Heartland Restaurant

Heartland POS is an industry leading provider of POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  Heartland Restaurant is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite

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