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Heartland Restaurant

Guest Mobile App

Contactless Payments & Loyalty

Made Easy

 Built In

Guest Mobile App

No Additional Cost

The Heartland Guest Engagement Mobile App is included in the core Heartland Restaurant Platform Suite

St. Mary's Seafood switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant Implementing Guest App Ordering, Scan to Pay & Loyalty Scan for Points

 Just wanted to say thank you to the team at JCR for making a seamless transition for all four of my St Marys Seafood & More restaurants from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant. Special thank you to Tim, Ryan, Ryan and Devin, you guys did an amazing job. Heartland Restaurant has allowed me to take my restaurants to another level! it gave me the opportunity to offer loyalty points to my customers along with online ordering. My favorite feature is that Heartland Restaurant makes it possible for me access the system from anywhere in the world! I no longer have to be in front of the Aloha file server to access it! My only regret is that I didn’t switch to Heartland Restaurant sooner. 

– Nammour Nammour, Owner - St. Mary's Seafood & More - Florida and Georgia  |  www.stmarysseafoodandmore.com

Dominic's Deli & Eatery switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant Implementing Guest app & Skip the Line Ordering, Loyalty & Scan for Points

 With our second Dominic’s Deli location on the way, we started looking into new point of sales systems. We scheduled a Heartland Restaurant demo with Ryan from JCR.  He worked very hard to ensure that all the back end information from our menu was input and that it functioned the way we wanted and that it would make the job of our employees much easier compared to the current system we were using. Heartland Restaurant is working great for us! We were nervous about the switch, but the transition was much smoother than we expected. Josh was at our restaurant the day we switched, and was very knowledgeable and definitely very helpful with making our first day go smoothly.  So far, we really like the capabilities this systems has for our call in orders and our delivery orders. It is so easy to make changes and updates to the system and the BOH Admin site is fantastic. We are able to look at and run reports that will help boost our revenue and profits.  We can’t wait to get our next store open and put Heartland Restaurant there too!  

– Deserie & Pete Tavolacci, Owners - Dominic's Deli - Palm Coast Florida  |  www.dominicsdeli.com

Hightide Burrito switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant Implementing Guest app Ordering, Loyalty & Scan for Points

 The ability to not only take orders but process credit card payments directly from customers at their tables has been a game changer.  My servers were initially apprehensive about incorporating this new feature for fear of having to learn a separate system but the table side tablets have been a completely seem less addition.  We are finding that productivity has actually increased because my servers are actually able to service customers table side...a feature customers love! 

– Alex Juarez, Owner - Hightide Burrito | www.hightideburrito.com

Sunset Grille switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant Implementing Scan to Pay at the Table

 We love using Heartland Restaurant POS at Sunset Grille and definitely wanted to open our new concept restaurant utilizing the same system. 

– Mike Rosa, Owner - Sunset Grille St. Augustine Florida  |  www.sunsetgrillea1a.com

Smoothie Squad Automates with Heartland Restaurant Implementing Scan to Pay and Loyalty Scan for Points

 Smoothie Squad uses JCR Systems POS. We love our new Heartland Restaurant Cloud based management system because the staff are always very helpful with any questions that any of our staff has at anytime. Tim was there during the setup and continues to assist me whenever I have any questions. It is awesome that there is an online ordering site available, as well as the loyalty program which our customers love. 

– Dene' Hambrick - Smoothie Squad - Winter Haven Florida | www.smoothie-squad.com

Guest Engagement Mobile App

Achieve Guest Loyalty, Visibility & Higher Profits!

The Heartland Guest app for iPhone and Android allows restaurant guests to interact directly with your store's Heartland Restaurant POS system. The Heartland Guest app uses iBeacon technology and can alert guests when they enter the restaurant, inviting them to skip the line.


Guests can now scan their receipts to pay and earn rewards, and every scanned receipt is automatically saved in the app’s history allowing users to look back at their previous orders.


For multi-unit operators, the Heartland Guest app makes it easy to select the restaurant location closest to them.

 FREE app for your customers to download

 Mobile app for online ordering

Notify your guests to ‘Skip the Line’ upon arrival

 Guests can scan their receipts to Pay & earn Rewards

 Built in Loyalty program with ‘Rewards’

 Keep track of past orders with ‘Order History’

 and much more!

Mobile Ordering App

Allows guests to place an online order directly from the app on their mobile phone. This creates a faster, more intuitive in-app experience for restaurant guests who want to order from their mobile device rather than a computer.


Saves recent and most frequent orders, simplifying the ordering process to only a few touches. In addition, guests can automatically earn loyalty points. Our loyalty system tracks of visits for you, giving restaurants an easy way to reward frequent guests.


Using the latest tokenization technology, the app does not store customer’s credit card data.  Using tokenization allows guests to reuse their credit card for future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number, thereby decreasing payment time to 10 seconds or less.


Mobile Ordering App is part of the Heartland Restaurant Suite of powerful features, at no additional monthly cost.

Skip the Line Ordering

Let counter service guests place their order from their phone in 15 seconds! The Heartland Guest app uses iBeacon technology to alert guests when they enter the restaurant, inviting them to skip the line. App users can create an order from scratch or, better yet, reorder a previous order with just four touches! Skip the Line orders are instantaneously injected into the Heartland Restaurant POS system (HRPOS) and sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Why wait? Use the Heartland Guest app to Skip the Line!

QR Code Contactless Payments

Give your table-service guests the power to take control of their restaurant checkout experience with Scan to Pay. Each guest check contains a printed QR code which when scanned from inside the Heartland iOS or Android Guest app, allows guests to quickly and securely pay their bill. The app allows one touch tipping and securely stores credit card tokens for future payments.


Apple Pay is supported when processing with Heartland Payments.

Scan to Pay and be on your way!

Scan for Points

Most loyalty systems require guests go out of their way to be a part of their favorite restaurants’ loyalty programs. Whether it’s giving the cashier their phone number or having their paper card punched, it can be enough of a hassle to detract customers from the experience. Scan for Points makes earning points as easy as possible by putting the QR Code on their check as a reminder that points are available with a simple scan.

Scan the QR Code at bottom of the receipt to earn points and rewards.

Loyalty Rewards

Guests earn loyalty points every time they buy, with accumulated points turning into rewards as point goals are met. Customers rank up from Bronze to Silver to Gold the more they spend, and a higher rank means more valuable rewards.

Guests can keep track of their loyalty points from an app! No more need for costly paper loyalty cards!


Using iBeacon technology, the Heartland Restaurant POS system (HRPOS) will automatically greet and market directly to customers who have installed the Heartland Guest app on their phone when they are in very close proximity to each other.

Communicate directly to customers with iBeacon-enabled guest engagement!

Order History

Every receipt scanned by the Heartland Guest app as well as any order tied to a customer’s phone number is permanently stored and available to view inside the app.

Remind me what I ordered last time! Guests Never lose track of receipts!

All of this in one amazing app!

Enhance any Restaurant Experience with the Heartland Guest app

Promote your Brand

Grow your Loyalty Customer Base

Having an awesome Mobile Ordering and Loyalty app is great, but you should be letting all of your customers know about it.


With our custom branded marketing materials, we can help you promote your brand as well as your guest mobile app. From Flyers, Posters, Promo Cards, Table Tents, and Window Decals, we have you covered.  Click below to find out what's available.


Why Heartland Restaurant

Heartland POS is an industry leading provider of POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  Heartland Restaurant is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite

Consumer Assistance

If you are a consumer in need of assistnce with the Heartland Guest app, please do not contact us as we are not the company that supports that app. 

It's best to contact the restaurant directly for all assistance.


Below are contact resources:

Developer: hpsadvancedtechnology@gmail.com

Heartland Support: HRPOSsupport@heartland.us