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GuestCall IQ®

Restaurant Guest Paging System

​​​​​​​Create a calm, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Keep your guests coming back with a JTECH restaurant guest paging system. It’s no secret that JTECH, An HME Company, restaurant pagers offer unmatched value and performance.

Extremely durable and reliable by design, our IQ pagers have earned the distinction of being restaurant tough. Simply stated, that’s why we are the world’s leading provider of restaurant guest paging systems.

GuestCall IQ® Highlights​​​​​​​

 Automatic Pager Programming

 Ultra-Visible LED

 User-Replaceable, Rechargeable Batteries

 Multiple Alerts

 Customizable Advertising Insert

 Integrated Table Management

 Built-In Wait Time Calculator

​​​​​​​ Smart Charging Base


Restaurant Guest and Table Location System

Locate guests faster, deliver food fresh and hot

Searching for guests when delivering food is a frustrating and, ultimately, inefficient venture. The Vuze Table Location System from JTECH helps you deliver food faster and fresher, for a more satisfying customer experience. Once guests order their food, simply hand them a guest tag and the system’s unique active RFID technology does the rest.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​A Table Location System to Fit Your Needs

With Vuze’ active RFID technology, you can tailor the system for the way that best fits your needs. Easily create delivery zones, eliminating the majority of floor space dedicated for food runners. You can also tailor delivery zones with specific descriptions like Window, Patio, or Booths to speed training and avoid confusion. The system is also expandable with additional tags for table level granularity.

Vuze System Highlights

 Easy Integration

 Convenient Access

 Increased Customer Satisfaction

 Easy to Use

 Useful Reporting

​​​​​​​ Water-resistant Guest Tags


Server Paging Systems

Helps Your Servers Spend More Quality Time with Guests

With JTECH Server Paging Systems, win customers and manage your staff more effectively and profitably. With server pagers, wait staff can spend more quality time with guests, selling more and keeping customers satisfied. Your servers will handle tables more productively, reducing labor costs. Whether your restaurant is large or small, we’ve got the right server paging system to meet your budget.

Delight your guests with great food that’s served hot and fast. Keep your customers coming back and increase revenue. JTECH created the first restaurant Server Pagers and Server Paging Systems over 25 years ago. We definitely understand the importance of delighting your customers.

ServerCall® Highlights

 12, 24, 48 and 60+ Button Panels

 Restaurant Tough™ Server Pagers

 Manager Paging

 Server Cancel & Expeditor Modes

 Durable Polycarbonate Housing

 Unique RF & System ID

 Eliminates Interference from Nearby Systems

User-Replaceable, Rechargeable Batteries

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