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Catapult WebCart™

In Store & Online Ordering Inventory Control Made Easy

With the millennial generation poised to enter into their heaviest period of household spending yet, Catapult WebCart™ Click and Collect 2.0 software solution provides a powerful tool for today’s brick and mortar retailer to expand their reach, engage a broader customer base, and be prepared for the changing face of retail.

Features and Benefits

Quick and Easy Ordering

Inventory can be ordered online and picked up at a predefined time or delivered by store personnel

Powerful Success Tools

With a wide range of tools and features, WebCart is designed to help you succeed in click & collect e-commerce

Powerful Success Tools

Most third party online ordering systems have difficulty with integrating and communicating to a store’s point of sale system, so your customers end up with pricing discrepancies, inconsistent promotions, and out-of-stocks.

These issues are non-existent with Catapult WebCart.

Click and Collect 2.0 Means A Single Powerful Solution for Every Transaction Touch Point

WebCart is a continuous part of the powerful Transaction Server architecture. With Catapult, POS, Self Checkout and Web Ordering aren’t integrated components, but one complete holistic solution. Uninterrupted communication between Point of Sale and the WebCart platform ensures your “brick” locations and “click” platform are always perfectly in-sync.

Customers can redeem loyalty online, using Catapult Loyalty, and access applicable discounts and promotions just as if they were in your store. With real-time inventory data continuously exchanged between your physical locations and WebCart store, combined with Catapult’s best-in-class perpetual inventory system, you’ll never have an out-of-stock again.

Automated Web Launch

With plug-and-play performance, launch a new WebCart store location at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Using ECRS’ data-driven automated UI configuration, a new WebCart store can be launched in hours; not days, weeks and certainly not months. Pick from easy-to-use templates and fully customizable menus to build out your retail brand.

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PickAssist ™ Order Queue

Using the powerful PickAssist™ tool, online orders are processed and managed through a queue, on a first-come, first-served basis, or by the time of scheduled pickup or delivery.

Simplify Order Picking

PickAssist™ shows your attendants the most efficient path through the store for picking each new order. It even allows and guides the attendant to pick multiple orders at a time.​​​​​​​

Interactive Consumer Experience​​​​​​​

Enable interactive text messaging between the store attendant and the customer to ensure accurate order picking, every time.​​​​​​​

No Extra Hardware​​​​​​​

Use Catapult WebOffice to manage your WebCart store and Catapult POS or mobile terminal for handling orders with PickAssist™​​​​​​​

Advanced Recommendation Algorithm

Suggest items based on shopper preferences, past orders, current item promotions, and health/local item attributes.

Health Attributes

Online items can display attributes such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Local using the same label/coding system as in the store.

Fully Integrated

Unified pricing and business logic creates a seamless omnichannel experience.


Easy-to-use interface with multiple menu selection options offers an enhanced customer experience.

Simple Payment Options

Pay securely online, in-store, or at drive thru.

Holding Locations Profile

Easily manage where orders are being held. So cold items stay cold, hot items stay hot, and your staff is always aware of where a customer’s order is being stored until ready for pick-up.

Totally Customizable

Use your branding and menu preferences – choose from a variety of templates to instantly personalize your website.

Powerful Web Analytics

Identify shopping patterns, shopper preferences, performance management, loyalty, etc.

Catapult Products and Solutions

CATAPULT® enables you to meet (even exceed) the expectations of all your customers with ONE system, giving you a competitive edge in today’s retail technology landscape. Please checkout Catapult's other products and solutions, delivering the convenience and efficiency of a complete enterprise solution.

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Inventory &

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Why Choose Catapult to Automate your Business?

 Catapult is developed by a privately-held Retail Success Company driven by a desire to change the way retailers use technology in their operations. 

With JCR Systems as your success partner, you will enjoy...

Beautiful, modern store technology

​​​​​​​ Precise inventory management

Faster, more accurate customer checkouts

 Seamless shopper engagement across all commerce channels 

 Reduced third-party integrations

​​​​​​​ Reduced support costs 

 Business intelligence for planning and execution

 Single operating platform for data consistency

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