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Catapult Retail Automation allows you and your suppliers to automatically exchange orders, invoices, price changes, and even promotions, effortlessy and affordably.  Catapult provides the power of perpetual inventory with automated replinishment, based on actual consumer demand, making our store operators super effective.  They know what their customers want, and have the right items on the shelf, at the right time. 

Catapult uses current inventory levels, combined with realtime forcasting data, based on customer's buying paterns, to auto generate purchase orders. Fewer stock outs makes happier customers.  Let Catapult reduce your operating costs and better manage a more accurate inventory.

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Perfect for Grocery, Supermarkets, Liquor Stores, Tobacco Shops, C-Store, Fuel, General Retail, Specialty Food Markets, Co-op, Organic & Natural Grocers, Pharmacy and Vending Micro Markets

Learn How Catapult is Automating the Science of Inventory Every Day

Eataly, the Largest Italian Marketplace in the World Rolls Out Catapult

  It’s been really smooth. [Our cashiers] are so happy with the new system, they are constantly commenting on its ease-of-use. For rolling out a system in stores that are as high volume and unique as us, we’ve had remarkably few issues.   

– Adam Saper, Eataly managing partner, Downtown NYC

Store Front Retail Systems

The Unified Commerce Platform for Retail Success. Point of sale that extends effortlessly from store to web…that’s smarter retailing. CATAPULT® enables you to meet (even exceed) the expectations of all your customers with ONE system, giving you a competitive edge in today’s retail technology landscape

Point of Sale


Point of Sale

Self Checkout


Market Series™ Self-Checkout

Mobile POS


Mobile POS

World's Fastest Checkout


Accelerated Checkout

Online Ordering



Payment Processing

Secure EMV

Chip Card Payments

Ad Space Revenue Helps Nature’s Green Grocer Market & Café to Pay for the Catapult System as Sales are Increased

  I know which items to market based on information gained from Item Movement reports. This also helps to better leverage suppliers for deals and advertising. I sell advertising space on the POS customer information display (CID) monitors to vendors, and I also use the POS ad space as a value-add to vendors who advertise in the store flyer program. They send an ad to promote a product at the POS which is a win-win for everyone. I get additional revenue from both the ad space and increased product sales, the vendor increases their product sales, and customers are made aware of new products they may want to try or forgot to purchase. This marketing program has helped pay for my Catapult system.   

– Joel Patterson Owner Nature’s Green Grocer Market & Café, Peterborough, NH

Consumer Engagement

Catapult automates customer marketing with powerful functionality found in its Catapult® point of sale system. Solutions are centered on building engagement with customers and community, elevating the shopping experience, increasing customer retention, and streamlining processes through automation. Catapult gift card and loyalty solutions are self-hosted and require no additional third-party services for complete execution and reporting.

Customer Display


Catapult® Customer

Interface Display

Gift Card

Catapult® Self

Hosted Gift Card

Lotalty &

Rewards Marketing

Catapult® Self

Hosted Loyalty

2 J's Fresh Market Automates Ordering and Saves Time with Catapult

  The majority of my inventory is replenished using Catapult OrderAssist technology... CATAPULT automatically suggests the best order based on movement, sales trends and other variables... Supplier Gateway adds the final piece and allows us to electronically transmit orders and receive invoices. It definitely streamlines the entire process and improves the way we do business. I also receive price and cost changes through the system which helps manage prices on received inventory... we are able to keep less inventory on hand but stock more of our top selling items. Out-of-stock items are no longer an issue... Compared with previous methods of inventory management, we probably save two hours per order...   

– Dylan Pedersen, Owner J’s Fresh Market, Great Falls, Montana

Inventory and Supply Chain

Inventory is the reason a retail enterprise exists. Without product, customers would have no reason to come in, nothing would be purchased, and no money would be made. So why is inventory, which consumes the majority of capital, often the last place retailers truly focus their attention? Why are outdated, mistake-prone, and manual processes still present in enterprises ranging from large grocery chains to SMB independents? If you haven’t already, it’s time to take the Sam Walton approach to successful retailing. The proof is in the profits.

Perpetual Inventory

Catapult® Perpetual Inventory

Multi-Store & Warehouse

Multi-store Demand Fulfillment

Supply Chain Integration

Catapult® Gateway™

Mobile Inventory

Catapult® Hand Held Terminal

Mobile Label Printing

Catapult® Mobile Label Printer

Labels & Signage

Front-Store Labels & Signage

Nature’s Green Grocer Market & Café Produces Higher Inventory Turns with Catapult

  I wanted to take full control over my inventory and eliminate guesswork and human error from the day-to-day. ECRS Gateway, in combination with CATAPULT auto reorder, has already saved us substantially by reducing manual labor, pricing errors, inaccurate inventory counts, and ordering mistakes. I also wanted to automate inventory processes to expedite sales and produce higher inventory turns. LogicSync takes the in-and-out data between CATAPULT and ECRS Gateway and transforms it into results previously achieved through hours of manual labor. It ties everything together to provide quantifiable results.   

– Joel Patterson Owner Nature’s Green Grocer Market & Café, Peterborough, NH

Centralized Enterprise Management

Catapult elevates enterprise management with powerful, web-based back office functionality. Whether you have one location or 1,000 locations, CATAPULT ® Web Office provides all the tools you need for effective and efficient back office management.

Data Analytics

Catapult® Briefcase™

Business Intelligence

Catapult® Dash™

Reporting & Analytics

Catapult® Web Office

Product Database

Catapult® Ecosystem™

From Warehouse to Multi-Store, Richard’s Foodporium Streamlines Operations with Catapult

  Even twelve years later, I find that Catapult is the best software system for point-of-sale out there in the country, today. If you’re a single store, or you’re starting a store, or certainly if you’re a chain of retail stores, I would highly recommend you look into Catapult. And tell ’em John sent you.   

– John Rorer, Owner - Richard's Foodporium, Florida

Product Integrations

Catapult provides multiple third-party integrations to streamline store operations. This allows you, in many cases, to work from a single interface saving employee time, reducing errors from duplicate entry, and adding convenience during customer checkouts. It can also provide a great asset to retail enterprises that incorporate multiple business entities under one roof, such as a pharmacy within a grocery store.



Catapult® Open

Fuel Server™



Catapult® Real-Time

Sales Logging



Catapult® Payroll





Kitchen Deli

Ticket Printing

Catapult® Remote
Ticket Printing



Catapult® G/L


Catapult Provides Harvest Health Food the Quick Information Needed to Succeed!

  The reporting possibilities are endless. The ability to compare several departments, to sales, to inventory quantity, changes the way we look at everything. Having the ability to look at real-time data in a matter of seconds, the benefits are immeasurable.   

– MITCHELL NOL CIO, Harvest Health Foods

Retail Systems Equipment

To complement its extensive retail automation software suite, JCR Systems offers retail clients complete system hardware. All hardware distributed has been strenuously tested for use in high-volume retail environments and is configured for optimal performance with Catapult software solutions. Devices are also tested for system security and PCI DSS compliance. Hardware is configured and shipped from JCR Systems corporate office.

Multi Store



Enterprise Controller




Store Controller




VPN Concentrator

Point of Sale



POS Terminals

Hand Held



Inventory HHT

Mobile POS


Wireless Tablet

Point of Sale






​​​​​​​Self Checkout

Market Series™










Why Choose Catapult to Automate your Business?

 Catapult is developed by a privately-held Retail Success Company driven by a desire to change the way retailers use technology in their operations. 

With JCR Systems as your success partner, you will enjoy...

Beautiful, modern store technology

​​​​​​​ Precise inventory management

Faster, more accurate customer checkouts

 Seamless shopper engagement across all commerce channels 

 Reduced third-party integrations

​​​​​​​ Reduced support costs 

 Business intelligence for planning and execution

 Single operating platform for data consistency

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