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Online Ordering

Mobile & Online Ordering Made Easy

 Built In

Online Ordering

No Additional Cost

Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering is built-In to the core Heartland Restaurant Platform Suite

No Commissions, No Extra Fees

St. Mary's Seafood switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant Implementing Kitchen Display Stations, Loyalty & Online Ordering

 Just wanted to say thank you to the team at JCR for making a seamless transition for all four of my St Marys Seafood & More restaurants from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant. Special thank you to Tim, Ryan, Ryan and Devin, you guys did an amazing job. Heartland Restaurant has allowed me to take my restaurants to another level! it gave me the opportunity to offer loyalty points to my customers along with online ordering. My favorite feature is that Heartland Restaurant makes it possible for me access the system from anywhere in the world! I no longer have to be in front of the Aloha file server to access it! My only regret is that I didn’t switch to Heartland Restaurant sooner. 

– Nammour Nammour, Owner - St. Mary's Seafood & More - Florida and Georgia  |  www.stmarysseafoodandmore.com

Dominic's Deli & Eatery switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant to Implement Online Ordering and Streamlines Takeout & Delivery

 With our second Dominic’s Deli location on the way, we started looking into new point of sales systems. We scheduled a Heartland Restaurant demo with Ryan from JCR.  He worked very hard to ensure that all the back end information from our menu was input and that it functioned the way we wanted and that it would make the job of our employees much easier compared to the current system we were using. Heartland Restaurant is working great for us! We were nervous about the switch, but the transition was much smoother than we expected. Josh was at our restaurant the day we switched, and was very knowledgeable and definitely very helpful with making our first day go smoothly.  So far, we really like the capabilities this systems has for our call in orders and our delivery orders. It is so easy to make changes and updates to the system and the BOH Admin site is fantastic. We are able to look at and run reports that will help boost our revenue and profits.  We can’t wait to get our next store open and put Heartland Restaurant there too!  

– Deserie & Pete Tavolacci, Owners - Dominic's Deli - Palm Coast Florida  |  www.dominicsdeli.com

Hightide Burrito switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant to Streamline Online Ordering for Delivery, Labing Printing, Kitchen Displays, while making Tableside Ordering a "Game Changer"

 The ability to not only take orders but process credit card payments directly from customers at their tables has been a game changer.  My servers were initially apprehensive about incorporating this new feature for fear of having to learn a separate system but the table side tablets have been a completely seem less addition.  We are finding that productivity has actually increased because my servers are actually able to service customers table side...a feature customers love! 

– Alex Juarez, Owner - Hightide Burrito | www.hightideburrito.com

Sunset Grille switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant to Streamline Online Ordering for Carry Out

 We love using Heartland Restaurant POS at Sunset Grille and definitely wanted to open our new concept restaurant utilizing the same system. 

– Mike Rosa, Owner - Sunset Grille St. Augustine Florida  |  www.sunsetgrillea1a.com

Aunt Catfish on the River switches from Aloha to Heartland Restaurant adding Tableside Ordering and Online Ordering

 So I actually just set up Online Ordering and it’s very user friendly so I loved that. 

– Brooke Galbreath - Aunt Catfish on the River Port Orange Florida  |  www.auntcatfishontheriver.com

Smoothie Squad Automates with Heartland Restaurant and Implements Kitchen Display Stations, Loyalty & Online Ordering

 Smoothie Squad uses JCR Systems POS. We love our new Heartland Restaurant Cloud based management system because the staff are always very helpful with any questions that any of our staff has at anytime. Tim was there during the setup and continues to assist me whenever I have any questions. It is awesome that there is an online ordering site available, as well as the loyalty program which our customers love. 

– Dene' Hambrick - Smoothie Squad - Winter Haven Florida | www.smoothie-squad.com

Only One Database to Maintain

3rd Party Online Ordering Integrations to a POS System can Get Ugly.  The Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite Simplifies those Challenges for You.

From Point of Sale, to Mobile App Ordering, to Online Ordering, to Kiosk Ordering, the Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite eliminates the complexity of maintaining Multi-Revenue centers so your menu items only need to be added into the system one time.


Add in a new Menu Item or change a Price Anywhere, Anytime, from Any Device and it's instantly everywhere you need it to be. Say goodbye to refreshing data on legacy pos systems causing the system to go down while everyone waits for the terminals to re-boot.


No additional modules are needed to setup, configure, and maintain. No fileservers are required which are single point of failures other pos systems are limited to.

Digital Ordering is a Must Have for your Restaurant

Online Ordering is FREE to turn on. 

No comissions, No Extra Fees.

Our fully-integrated solution for accepting online orders directly on your POS gives your customers the ability to order from anywhere with a user-friendly interface styled to fit your brand.

 Enhance your online presence

 Setup in minutes

 Mobile Responsive smartphone experience

 Fully integrated into Heartland Restaurant POS app

 Fully supports 86 Menu Items and Ingredients

 eMail confirmation to store management

 Styled to fit your brand

 Sell Virtual Gift Cards

 Carry Out and Delivery Orders

 Includes Catering Menu Orders

 Supports ordering from Web Browser and Mobile App

 Call Center Module allows Staff to enter Online Orders for customers

30 Percent of users will abandon a purchase if the online ordering experience isn’t device responsive friendly

The world of online ordering is evolving at a fast pace. People are using smartphones and tablets more than desktops and laptops for placing orders, so there's a good chance your customers will be using tablets and smartphones to view your menus and place orders.


A responsive web design is now the critical right solution for your restaurant's online and mobile ordering needs. Heartland Restaurant's Online Ordering is coded to be responsive to automatically adapt to the screen size of any device, ensuring no intended orders are abandoned by the user.

With HRPOS, get you restaurant's online ordering site live in Minutes, not Days, Weeks or Months.

Order for Curside Pickup Or Carry Out

With today's challenges, online ordering is not only a must, it needs to accomodate both carry out and curbside pickup.


With Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering, enabling Cubside Pickup is one click away, prompting your guest to enter the Make, Model and Color of their vehicle as well as a custom order notification message to inform guests where to park and what number to call upon arrival to  help increase speed of service and operate more efficiently.


The vehicle information for Curbside Pickup orders is displayed in the POS app and kitchen tickets to help manage and control your online orders.

Coop 303

Streamlines Curside Pickup

with Heartland Restaurant

Order for Delivery

Managing your delivery operations has never been easier!

Heartland Restaurant allows you to easily manage your restaurant’s delivery operations with the built-in Delivery Dispatch system. Delivery Dispatch makes it easy to assign delivery orders to your drivers and provide them with turn-by-turn directions right from the point of sale terminal. If your restaurant provides delivery and manages drivers, then Heartland Restaurant's Delivery Dispatch is right for you!

Turn-by-Turn mapping for delivery

 Quickly add or remove drivers

 Drag and drop to assign and dispatch delivery orders

 View orders assigned to specific drivers

 Integrated POS mapping

 Perfect for pizza delivery!

Order for Catering

Does your restaurant provide Catering services?  Heartland Restaurant's Online Ordering includes an additional online ordering URL to display your catering menu with it's own schedule and settings.


Now you can add a button to your restaurant's website to promote your catering menu and manage future catering orders.


Future Catering orders are sent to the store's Heartland Restaurant POS system for easy order recognition and management.  All catering orders are also emailed to store management.

  52 percent of U.S. Internet users would likely use a smartphone or tablet for ordering takeout and delivery if possible, with 74 percent of millennials expressing interest in doing so.   

Article source from www.fastcasual.com

Mobile App Ordering

Part of the Heartland Guest App

Allows guests to place an online order directly from the app on their mobile phone. This creates a faster, more intuitive in-app experience for restaurant guests who want to order from their mobile device rather than a computer.  Saves recent and most frequent orders, simplifying the ordering process to only a few touches.


In addition, guests can automatically earn loyalty points. Our loyalty system tracks of visits for you, giving restaurants an easy way to reward frequent guests.


The app does not store customer’s credit card data. Instead, encrypted tokens ensure guests’ card data is secure. This allows a guest to reuse their credit card for future transactions without needing to re-enter their card number, thereby decreasing payment time to 10 seconds or less.

QR Code Digital Menu Ordering

Grow your Online Ordering Revenues

Having an awesome Online Ordering site is great, but you should be letting all of your customers know about it.


With our custom branded marketing materials, we can help you promote your brand as well as your online ordering sales. From Flyers, Posters, Promo Cards, Table Tents, and Window Decals, we have you covered.  Click below to find out what's available.


Call Center Ordering

Place Orders Anywhere from Any Device

Free Up POS Stations for Other Employees

Providing an Online Ordering system is a great way to engage your loyal repeat customers, giving them the convenience they love; but some customers prefer to call to place orders and ask questions about the menu and services available.


Call Center is a FREE tool for employees to place call ahead take out, delivery, and catering orders over the phone.  It also allows store personel to key in Promo Codes, Tax Exempt, or Store Adjustments not available to customers placing normal online orders.


Call Center is browser based for Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device access providing the convenience of not having to be at the store to place these orders. Call Center doesn't use a pos station to place these orders, freeing them up for staff at the store to take care of the guests in the restaurant.


For Multi-Store operators Call Center will automatically list your stores by closest distance to the customer so operators direct customers to the store nearest them and send orders to the correct store.

  Online ordering for restaurants is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic, and 60% of customers say that ordering delivery or carryout via a smartphone app is easier than calling a restaurant.   

Article source from www.linkedin.com

Automated Upsell to Increase Sales 

Online and Mobile app ordering does not only provide restaurants the capacity to increase take out revenues, but automated upselling also helps to increase check averages by automatically prompting the customer if they would like to add beverages, or desserts to their order only when certain items are not in their cart during checkout, all based on your upsell criteria.


The Heartland Cloud Managed POS Suite allows you to configure different upselling plans by times of day and days of week.


Automated suggested upselling in the online ordering site and Heartland Guest app can have an enourmous impact on increasing your restaurant's annual takeout sales.

Adjust Lead Times on the Fly

Complete Control of Order Lead Times

Did your deliver driver just call out sick?  Is your restaurant packed and the kitchen in the weeds?


Having an Online Ordering system is great, but not without being in complete control of order lead times. Being able to instantly push back order lead times is a must when the kitchen gets behind or other mishaps out of your control.


Since Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering is part of the Heartland Restaurant Platform Suite, it's all integrated, especially to the Heartland Restaurant POS system.


Managers need the ability to instantly change lead prep times for online orders, Carry Out separately from Delivery.  Sometimes restaurants take the phone off the hook to avoid take out orders during peak times when the kitchen is backed up. 


With Heartland Restaurant, management can do the same with online ordering with a touch of a button in the POS app so that you can take better care of the guests inside your restaurant during peak times.  Once the rush is over, instantly turn online ordering back on.

Automatic Intelligent Order Balancing

Prevents the kitchen from getting backed up with too many online orders coming in at the same time.

With the Order Balancing features enabled, the system automatically adjusts the carryout or delivery times of online orders based on the projected capacity of the kitchen to prepare a certain number of items.


The system automatically adjusts numbers based on ten-minute intervals.


Intelligent order balancing provides your customers with more accurate and realistic pickup and delivery times to further enhance the guest experience.

86 Items and Modifiers

Prevent Negative Guest Experiences

When implenting new technology, it's important to not negatively impact the guest experience.  Sometimes restaurants run out of a certain menu items and ingregients and when that happens Heartland Restaurant Online Ordering has you covered.


When management sets the Item Availability counts in the Heartland Restaurant POS system, those counts are fully recognized in the Online and Mobile Guest app ordering system, not allowing your guests to order items when there are none left. 


The Heartland Restaurant Suite fully supports this feature functionality from Online Ordering, to Mobile app ordering, to Skip the Line Ordering, to Kiosk ordering, helping you to enhance the guest experience.

Click to enlarge

Ingredient Images and
Pizza Left Half / Right Half 

Online Ordering is included and built-in to the Heartland Restaurant Platform Suite.  When you're ready to enable online ordering, it's turned on in minutes and it automatically supports easy to use left half and right half icons as well as images of your quality ingredients.


Your customers will love how quick and easy it is placing online orders.

Item Attributes Show Dietary Information and State Notice Requirements

Some states requite restaurants to post a notice when they serve raw or undercooked food that could potentially cause foodborne illness.  Here is a linked example of Florida's requirement.

Heartland's Online Ordering platform is fully capable of displaying these notices on any menu items that meet this requirement.


Item attributes can also be used to identify other menu items such as Spicy. Vegan, or Gluten Free so guests can quickly filter by items meeting their dietary needs.

Virtual Gift

Part of the Heartland Gift Card system

Allows your customers to order Virtual Gift Cards online.  This creates a faster, more intuitive in-app experience for restaurant guests who want to order gift cards online instead of having to drive to your store to purchase gift cards.  


Customers are prompted to enter a Recipient email address, the name who the Gift Card is from, and an optional message to leave for the Recipient.


Increases customer convenience while increasing the total of your credit card batch and reducing costs of stocking printed Gift Cards.

Email Marketing Integration

Use Heartland Restaurant's free Online Ordering system to automatically collect email address from your customers as they place their online orders. The email address can be sent right into the Heartland Email Marketing system.

Why Heartland Restaurant

Heartland POS is an industry leading provider of POS systems for the Hospitality Industry.  Heartland Restaurant is unique as one of the only Cloud-Managed POS systems that is Affordable, Not Locked, Out of Scope, iPad Based, Innovative, and Provided by Best in Class Certified Channel Partners for Local Sales and Service.

Heartland Restaurant Cloud Managed POS Suite

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